Restaurant rules

Our Sunday started with running, bicycle, and soccer practice. Then we ventured out to a greek restaurant for this week’s restaurant exploration, by hubby’s choice. The menu looks extensive. We ended up choosing hummus with pita that came all warm and devoured by the girls in 5 min if even that.

My choice with grilled octopus that came more pita… see? Sofia could’t wait to get it

The octopus was delicious! Perfectly grilled yet tender. For main course, hubby ordered 3 meat combo that came with rice, grilled vegetables

For girls’ entree, they went for salmon pasta that was scrumptious, so rich so decadent, I had a few bites and can testify.

I had ordered a salad for my entree that came with roasted vegetables on the side. Well… the salad came and a live worm was staring at me so that was returned and cancelled.

I ordered another plate of grilled octopus to finish the meal. Sofia approved the food but I had decided this is not a place I want to come back.

Restaurant rules for us:

  • Order things that we don’t usually have at home. The purpose is not about food but new experiences. If I can make it easily at home, then we should not order.
  • Never order salad EVER again, especially in developing countries because the vegetables are mostly organic and come with all sorts of bugs. Even at home our helper can’t clean them all which drives me crazy, imagine someone at restaurant.
  • Never order drinks. Such a waste of $$.
  • Tip according to service received. Here in the Philippines, service charges are included in the bill so I don’t feel obliged to tip. But if the service is good, happy to show extra appreciation.
  • Write down meals the family likes and try to make it at home. I like the challenge of replicating a meal.

What are your rules when eating out?

After lunch we went to golf lesson for Sofia. It was too sunny so it was not a pleasant experience, yet she did well and I consistently hit straight. 🙂 Lizzy? not so much. after hitting some balls, she decided to take a nap.

the rest of Sunday was just chill at home. Sofia had to finish some homework, I watched an episode of Inventing Anna (not a big fan), Lizzy went to the pool with daddy, and we had early dinner so the girls can watch TV.

While I was reading, I heard weird noise outside. It turned out to be early Valentines celebration fireworks. Philippines has such a celebratory culture. We have Valentines decor in our building, office building, stores, even the traffic light has heart shape this week.

Big news for the girls: Lizzy is going to school full time starting Monday. I am really hopeful that Sofia will go back full time in March. Life is getting back together. We are so grateful for the positive changes. Yet, I know people who made life style changes during the pandemic (isolating for the last two years) that are having hard time adjusting back to normal life. How interesting!

2 thoughts on “Restaurant rules

  1. Ugh! A worm. Though I actually ate a whole bunch of worms as a teenager as part of a Fear Factor birthday party I attended. I ended up winning $5 and a folding camp chair, and at the time it felt VERY worth the gross factor.

    The golfing and sunny weather just looks so…nice! It’s snowing (the kids have ANOTHER snow day) and I am so, so ready for summer!


  2. We don’t really have any rules at restaurants! Our rule is basically get whatever you want. lol! I’m kind of joking. I think our only “rule” might be to consider sharing dishes. Many times we find that two individual entrees is too much food. ESPECIALLY if we get an appetizer first. So we often will get one appetizer to share and then one entree to share, which saves money and keeps the amount of food more reasonable. I usually don’t order salads or overly “healthy” meals at restaurants because like you said- if I’m going to get plain chicken and a side salad, I might as well just eat at home!! haha. We like the experience of eating out and getting something tasty that I probably wouldn’t cook at home. 😉


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