Club med bintan day 5: bonding day and family review of club med experience

It was a day for bonding , me with the girls, and among themselves. Sofia went to mini club for archery and trapeze and Lizzy for archery and some play time.

I went for a walk again as I really enjoyed the solo time in the nature.

Then I went to watch Sofia fly as promised. She is so brave.

Then beach time for 2 hours, reading mainly as it was quite sunny. It was the hottest day since we arrived so the breeze was super nice.

We went back to the beach after lunch and before dream catcher making. Girls got their drink of the day. Look Lizzy’s growing belly…. filled with sugar hahahah

Both completed their craft in half hour. Now they know what’s a dream catcher

More beach time. They played so well together again, and doing comedy show as well. Sofia came to me and said: playing with Lizzy is actually fun, she’s so funny. 🙂

They had some snacks before we head back to the room for a deep cleaning….sand everywhere, to get ready for dinner, for their last serving of vanilla ice cream.

We didn’t watch the evening show as it was kids show from resort. we are all a bit tired of being surrounded by too many kids. Girls watched some Netflix while I did the initial packing as we leave tomorrow morning.

During dinner time I asked the girls what they like and don’t like about club med. here’s their list

Likes: ice cream, fresh made pizza (although Sofia confessed she is getting tired of it), the waist band key to the room, the beach, trapeze, all inclusive meals and drinks.

Dislikes: old room, too many kids.

My list

Dislike: crowded, small gym, food waste, the old room, the fake smile of some staff, the “what’s the point golf lesson” as it’s against a net so you can’t even see how far you hit.

Like: the beach, the view, the option of mini club , waist band to open room so I don’t need to remember to take the key, the path for the walk, the evening beach walk.

Will we ever go to a club med again? Probably not unless it offers something special as ski in Japan. I can see why some families come multiple times, one family came 6 times to this club, as it’s super convenient for parents of small kids and for families that like to eat and drink all day long. I realized that’s not how I want to spend vacation with my family. For beach vacations, my ideal setting is to have access to a beautiful beach, water activities offerings that we like (snorkeling, island hopping), a clean gym or running path, fresh food options that is not buffet as I really dislike seeing food being wasted, and usually buffet food is not good quality, comfortable room, and resort staff that are sincerely kind and caring (these do exist!!!). yet, I’m glad we came this time as club med has been my decades long aspiration to try. I first heard about it when I was in my teens in Argentina as dream vacation. My girls seem to be fine not going to another club med too as they find the mini club activities boring. They are designed to keep the kids busy while parents can enjoy some free time, not necessarily to really make it fun for the kids, at least that’s my girls experience.

Finally food that I did enjoy

Miso soup 3 times a day
Gnocchi with brown butter pumpkin sauce
Coconut ice cream
Salad with sesame dressing
Sweet potato grilled with quinoa salad

That’s a wrap!

One thought on “Club med bintan day 5: bonding day and family review of club med experience

  1. Shoot, I wrote a long comment on this and then my phone died before I hit publish. 😫 Basically I said that it is interesting to see your pros and cons list of this. We do not do many “all inclusive” type places- I think we have once before, maybe. Mostly because we either want to move around to different locations, or we just want the freedom to eat out at more local places, or they just don’t have them everywhere, etc. But I can see the appeal especially for people with younger kids to have options to entertain them, or if it’s a place where you just want to stay there the whole time to relax and aren’t interested in like going out to explore the region, etc. Definitely pros and cons! Anyway, looks like overall you had a really nice time, even if it wasn’t your “favorite” place ever.


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