Club med bintan day 4: reverting to the mean

Today both girls asked me to pick them up before lunch as they think afternoon activities are boring which is welcomed by me. Spending two days alone made me realize that while I enjoy free time, this is not how I like to spend my family vacation. I do enjoy casual chat with the girls when laying by the lounge chair at the beach, sharing a new drink, commenting on other people’s, or just exchange a smile when we see something beautiful or funny.

I picked up Sofia first and spend an hour by the beach with her reading.

Then Lizzy came along after swimming time. She entertained herself with the powdery white sand.

We enjoyed a long lunch and went back to the room for nap time, the plan was to stay up for the evening show. Both girls fell asleep quickly while my mind worked up the to-do lists after this trip.

Im very proud to stay that I haven’t checked work email, and archived all the work related chat groups. Nothing bad happened. 🙂

We came back to the beach 4pm and the girls played together very well, rare event, only happens when both have no other kids to play with, and in good mood.

Dinner was super yummy especially the chocolate cake as dessert . These girls are in sugar high all day long hahaha..

The cabaret show was a combination of dance, comedy and acrobatics. Entertaining for the little ones.

Ad the title says, after the initial hype about all the convenience of club med, we are reverting to our usual beach vacation “routine” which is long hours by the beach, reading, napping, contemplating and playing with sand. That’s all we want for a beach trip. 🙂

One more day and we head home on Friday. Tomorrow probably will be more beach and sand.

One thought on “Club med bintan day 4: reverting to the mean

  1. Good for you for not checking work emails! When we went to Mexico in December, I did not bring my work phone with. Had I still had work stuff on my phone, I probably would have checked it on Friday (our last day). So that is one good part about having 2 phones but mostly I hate it!!

    The beach pictures are gorgeous! I can’t wait for my kids to be at these ages. Vacations look so fun! I’m not wishing time away but I look forward to both being elementary aged! I am excited to travel with my oldest in April, though!


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