Club med bintan day 3: this is surreal

I feel like my thoughts about this club med experience evolves quickly over the days. I’ll do a full recap and review at the end of our trip.

Main takeaway of day 3: this is too surreal, so out of this world experience.

Our day started earlier, girls were up by 6:30 so we had some time to kill before breakfast. They both did Kumon until it is time to leave. I love the morning sun shine of our room, showing a bright start of the day.

After dropping them of at mini club. I went out for a walk, partly to digest breakfasts before going to the gym, partly to explore whether I can run outside. I went without music without podcast for the walk. I felt like in a forest bathing experience, listening to the sound of nature, so quiet so calming. Love the sounds of leaves moving against the wind and birds. I can see why some people likes to start the day hiking in the nature. The path was short and rolling hills, so it was a good walk but probably not for my pre race speed work tomorrow. Once back to the resort, I went to the gym for some treadmill easy run to break a sweat, followed by 40 min stretching and mobility work for runners and 15 min abs. By the time I got back to the room, it was almost noon, an entire morning spent moving my body. Love it!!!

Then I did some journaling and updating my calendar for make-up classes.

I went for lunch alone again. Let me show you how “wasteful” I was.

Refreshing salad
Miso soup for every meal
Vegan dish: only red rice eaten. Pumpkin and chickpea tried but did not like
Yummy greens, flavorless tofu not eaten, Dahl too spicy not eaten.
Indonesia fish that was too spicy, tried and abandoned.
Tried one bite of the fish, dry, abandoned. Greens and rice consumed.
Love watermelon here, copious amount, half of the matcha cake, nothing special.

That’s about how I eat here, being very picky but willing to try. Very wasteful though.

I spent some time listening to the waves at the beach before going to the room for some meditation and reading.

Then went to pick up the girls who were finishing making kite.

Sofía tried flying it for quite a while
Lizzy made a comfy spot at the beach

Before dinner we all got a drink to start the night

Ready for the party!
Lizzy’s first serving of dinner, all consumed except hot dog
A big ice cream for dessert

After dinner girls went to mini club dance party and I went out for a walk near the beach. Nobody there, just me and the waves. Love it.

Then we were ready to watch the evening show: circus and dance. It was better than I expected, 30 min of pure entertainment and happiness. What surprised me is to see that all the performers are resort staff, at the gym, at mini club, water sport, event organizers. How multi talented they are, and I got to understand how club med works.

We left the show 9:15pm, past our usual med time but earlier than many other guests I think as there were another dance party by the beach, sports and more drinks!

I felt being in another world, wonderland, bubble? Happiness place? Worry free zone? Club med figured out how to provide services that I wanted, that I didn’t think I wanted, and sneak peak of how easy would be to fall into a trap, a trap of wanting this all the time? Which is unsustainable, unviable, nor even fun or happy if so.

One thought on “Club med bintan day 3: this is surreal

  1. The solo nighttime beach walk sounds wonderful. And that is very luxurious to try so many foods!!! Hahaha! I am not a very adventurous eater, sadly. I’m very timid to try new foods.


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