Club med bintan day 2: now what?

We all slept past our usual time, we’ll rest to start a new day at the resort. We had breakfast quickly before 8:30am start of mini club. Girls were not sure they’ll like the whole day activity as they knew no one. They were assigned to two groups, which was actually good so they were forced to engage with other kids. At breakfast time we agreed that I’ll check them at lunch time to see if they want to continue with the club or spend time with me.

Sofia looked skeptical at the start. But honestly I wasn’t concerned with her as she always make new friends faster than Lizzy.

Before I left Lizzy told me that she doesn’t want to do swim competition at 11am. So I went to check on her around that time to find her having a blast. Her smile told me everything. She was really enjoying the activities and found a girl to play with.

Then I checked Sofia as agreed during their group lunch. She was having a blast too as she made a new friend! She told me to pick her up at 5pm.

Both girls wanted to spend their afternoon with their friends, leaving me thinking: now what do I do with 5 hours all by myself???

That thought lasted few seconds before I got excited to be all by myself for the rest of our trip, except morning and evenings.

I already spent the morning moving my body to feel good, did 5 miles easy run on the treadmill and 30 min full body strength, followed by long stretch, shower. It felt indulgent to spend that amount of time to exercise. But hey… Im on holidays and I can choose how to spend my day. 🙂

After blogging, journaling a bit I went to have lunch alone. It was super nice to eat alone without having to police what girls ate and said, but just slow down to eat and enjoy the food. I spent almost 1.5 hours at the restaurant, trying many food and deserts. I realized something though, buffet is meant to provide something for everyone, not that everyone needs to try everything to make it cost effective (which is what I used to think and did, feeling stomach pain afterwards). Ah… what a revelation.

Then I went to the beach, aiming to listen the sound of the waves, which is always so soothing, and maybe read. But it was a super windy day, the sound of the wind was stronger than the waves, so I left and went to the room instead to read.

I read for 2.5 hrs before it was time to pick up the girls, luxury!!!!

Then we spent sometime at the beach. Lizzy was busy making a hole finding water under the sand, or wet sand. Sofia’s mood shifted from being super excited and happy to be grumpy for being bored in like seconds. Is this the start of teenage years??? I was mad at her for complaining about being bored when we were sitting in front of this white sand beach. She responded to me: well, you have your phone “to entertain you”. I was a bit surprised by her comment, but realized that I should be more mindful of using phones. Most of the times I am either taking pics of them, or search something that came to mind. But she doesn’t know that, all she could see if me with the phone. Time to put the phone away.

We had dinner before glow show. Fortunately Sofia’s mood improved and was excited to go to the party with her friend.

Final cocktail and it was time to get back to sleep.

A full day of fun for the girls, and full day of reflections and leíste for me. Perfect combo! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Club med bintan day 2: now what?

  1. Fun! I love when kids end up having a great time in an engaging activity. It can be so hit-and-miss, but I try to encourage them to stick it out for a while. Most of the time they end up loving it!
    White sand beaches…ah! It’s snowing outside where I live and that beach looks AMAZING!


  2. Too funny about Sofia… I was actually thinking the other week in one of your posts, “Wow, from the time I started reading her blog a couple years ago to now, Sofia suddenly looks much more adolescent all of a sudden!!” We had a moment here too the other day when we went on a long hike to a waterfall and Asher was acting kind of crabby. Complaining it was hot, etc. I was very annoyed with him, because it was really cool and this amazing beautiful place, and he had a bad attitude?!!! Ivan talked to him and got him straightened out, but jeesh. Kids. Hahaha.


  3. Having 5 hours to yourself sounds amazing! That is great that the girls did so well and made friends. This sounds like a dreamy vacation!! Would love to teleport myself there and away from the disaster at work (the banking crisis has been brutal – I’m doing 8-10 client calls/day and everyone is panicky).


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