Club Med Bintan day 1: we made it after all

Our flight got delayed few minutes so we arrived 8:50am, a bit tight to catch our ferry at 11:10am but I thought we were fine.

First we needed to pass immigration to enter Singapore. The line was going too slow. When it was our turn, the officer asked me to fill electronic arrival form. Damn… why i forgot that? So I went to fill the forms for the 3 of us and made the line again. We were started to get anxious whether we can make it. It was 9:20am. When we got out, we went to pick up our luggage and couldn’t find them. It turned out they were at another terminal. So we ran to catch the sky train. I was so glad we all run because it felt like we were springing. Sofia said: we won’t make it. I firmly told her that’s not the attitude we should have at that moment. we should try our best to catch the ferry still.

We made it to the other terminal, then asked information how to enter to the baggage area to pick up our luggages. Another form to fill and I got in, all sprinting. We got our things at 10:05am. Got a taxi on the way to the ferry.

10:10am we got to the ferry terminal thinking we will make it. Then we saw a long line to check in! Damn!!! I asked if there is a shorter line for the 11:10 ferry passengers. Not, everyone on the line is for 11:10am. Okay. I guess we will just wait.

We got to the counter by 10:45am, the gate was supposed to close 10:50am.

Then we passed immigration again as we were exiting Singapore and entering Indonesia.

Once we got passed custom, we knew we will make it!!!

The ferry left dock 11:15am. Still pretty on time, as expected as it’s run by Singapore.

The ferry was about an hour. The first half was fine and Lizzy was still smiling. The second half she got seasick and nearly crying. Some people vomited.

We took club meds bus to the resort. Full bus! Most people with families with small children but there are adults couples/friends groups too.

We were welcomed by our geo friend Ling. She took us to lunch buffet.

The place is huge and packed!!! I was surprised to see so many people when it’s workweek. I kind of miss the pandemic travel experience when there were so many guests in the resorts.

We got to our room close to 3pm. I was super grumpy by then as lack of sleep caught me. I told the girls to let me take a nap. I took an hour nap and woke up feeling much better.

We went to the beach, which is super nice, with white powdery sands.

One of the highlight of club med is all inclusive meals and drinks. But I didn’t know that there are food almost all day long. Breakfast, pre lunch snacks, lunch, pre dinner snack (which is what Lizzy got), and dinner. All buffets or a la carte.

We left beach 5:30pm to get shower before dinner. Girls worked up their appetite and had a large dinner.

The buffet has so many options: Indonesia, chinese, Indian, western, Japanese, salad bar, pasta and pizza bar, seafood station, ice cream corner, dessert feast, bread and pastry, fruits!!

Both girls felt so stuffed that they said they couldn’t walk. Lizzy said she was 9 months pregnant! Hahahaha… we walked around for 15 min and went back to the room.

What a day of adventure! 4 more days of fun. Tomorrow girls will try kids club which runs from 8:30am to 5pm!!!!! I wonder if they want to stay that long… and what am i going to do with so much free time all alone!!! 😆

4 thoughts on “Club Med Bintan day 1: we made it after all

  1. This made me smile because right after I posted my first day recap, yours showed up in my email too. 🙂 And we both had a couple travel headaches!! I don’t know why the airports aren’t a little more standardized. Or like in the case of your luggage and being in the other terminal and having to ask where to find it… shouldn’t they make it super obvious and easy for travelers? I mean, everyone needs to get their luggage!! I thought that at Mexico City airport too this time- it was confusing at times and the lines were long and all mixed together, and it wasn’t totally clear where we had to go for connecting flights, etc. That boat trip sounds a little yucky! Seasick!! Glad you finally made it. The beach looks sooo beautiful.


  2. sounds a lot like a cruise – childcare, all inclusive food. we are doing that this summer and i can’t wait to spend some time reading + relaxing while the kids enjoy the kids club. knowing you, you will find great healthy food options among all the other choices!


    1. That’s exactly what I did, spent 2 hours at the gym, 2 hours for lunch, and rest of the day finishing a fascinating book. I haven’t tried cruise yet as I prefer being in the nature. At least here I have access to an amazing beach. Maybe I run out of beaches to go, I’ll try cruise.


  3. That beach is gorgeous!! Your ferry experience reminds me of when I took a ferry between the north and south islands of New Zealand. It was so horrible! People were vomiting all over the place! It was like a scene from a movie.

    Enjoy the time away with your girls!!


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