Pre-travel jittery and amazing 5k

It was a bittersweet day in our family. Grandma left with daddy to China. Sofia was super sad but hold her tears after taxi departed. Such a caring girl. To lessen her sadness we agreed to have grandma back for her birthday, but first we will see her again in China in July. Having something to look forward was helpful to cheer her up.

Our day started with a good run. I switched my Sunday long run to Saturday as we have an early departure. I did 7 miles by myself and then picked Sofia and my friend. To practice for the upcoming race, I asked Sofia what would be her goal finishing time. She said 30 min. So I paced them. The last half mile was painful for Sofia I guess as she cried a bit. Our friend K, who ran at this pace for the first in his life, cheered her up, and we all finished at 30 min 2 secs. That’s quite an accomplishment for both of them. First 30 min 5k!!! I was very happy for them.

Then the girls had tennis lesson. I went to watch Lizzy in case she was sad that daddy and grandma left, which she wasn’t. It was funny to watch her play tennis as if she was doing golf.

After lunch and finished packing, girls went to a birthday party. I was left alone at the house for 3 hours. It was the most quiet time since we moved to Jakarta.

They got home 7pm, some quick food and off to bed as we needed to leave 3am to catch 6am flight.

I slept 3.5 hrs and couldn’t sleep more. Partly I was concerned I wouldn’t wake up on time, partly because I was concerned what if I can’t get a taxi. What did I do when I can’t sleep at midnight?

I read for a while, then tried to go back to sleep. Then I searched for races to run when I travel to dc in May, should I do a 10k or half? I texted my coach. Hahaha. Then I google how to run faster as master runner. Basically, run faster during training (speed, tempo), do strength training to avoid injury. No magic but to put the hard work, which I’m looking forward.

I got up 2am, did last tidy ups, ordered a taxi, got girls up, and we left 2:40am. We arrived very early but no one complained. Now the girls are doing Kumons before our flight to Singapore.

To be continued ….. 🙂

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