February: book, movies, recipes

I had a very good months of reading and movie watching, both hobbies that I wanted to get back to after few hectic months of moving and settling into the new city.

My favorite book of the month is: Para Que, a memoire written by Argentina’s former president. It was so interesting to read how he thought about his presidency, the challenges he faces, his values, and his plan if he gets back into president next year.

Second favorite was Out of my Mind. It was a book recommended by Sofia’s teacher when I mentioned that we want to start a mini book club but not sure what kind of books would interest both of us. The teacher gave me this one right away. We first agreed to read 2 chapters each per day, back and forth. But when I started reading it, I could’t just stop at 2 chapters, so I finished it in 3 seating. It is such a good book to read with older kids. Very sweet.

The antidote by Oliver Burkeman is a re-read for me because I kind of forgot what the book is about. I enjoyed it more this second time as I appreciated his personal experience for those techniques. I am intrigued about meditation retreat, I might sign up for one this year.

Unwinding anxiety was a deliberate book choice as I experimented some anxiety again early this year. The book was SUPER helpful to understand the mechanisms of anxiety which totally makes sense and match with my symptoms. I am happy to say, I haven’t had another anxiety episodes after reading the book. Yes, that powerful.

The subtle art of not giving a fuck, is not my typical book choice and I don’t like cursing in books in general. It was free in unlimited, so I read few chapters and found it entertaining.

Movies: I watched 11 movies!!! 90% of them were during my 35 hrs flight to Buenos Aires.

The red point of marriage. It’s an Indonesia movie about marriage affair. It is slow, usual plot, but somehow I enjoyed it as it shows the universal nature of human relationships.

No limit. I really enjoyed this movie, watched on a Sunday afternoon alone at home. It’s visually stunning. A bit sad but beautiful.

True Spirit. Watched with the girls. A movie about persistent, being brave, family, and true story. We all enjoyed it.

Ticket to paradise. Very mediocre movie despite the big stars. Good entertainment for my flight as it features Bali.

Both sides of the blade. I love Juliette Binoche, she’s so French, so pretty. The plot is simple and complex. I meant to watch it before and was the first one I watched during my flight.

Father of the bride. Okay movie. Heart warming, fun.

Old. Weird movie but could not stop as I wanted to know the why and the ending.

The attorney. I rarely watch chinese movies anymore but I was running out of options on flight so picked this one. Not too bad.

Little Big Women. another chinese movie about family dynamics. Quite a typical family story of that generation.

Una sola vez. A Spanish movie about domestic violence. Nothing memorable.

Favorite movie of the month: This is 40!! This is such a fun movie. I laughed so much!! I want to watch it with my husband again.

One of my goals this year (again!) is try new food/recipes. This month I tried 3

  • apple cake
  • focaccia pizza
  • pumpkin lentil soup: this was surprisingly good despite how easy it is to make. A keeper.

2 thoughts on “February: book, movies, recipes

  1. I also watched Ticket To Paradise on a plane and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I almost never watch rom-coms, so I think I loved it most for what it represented – a departure from my regular movie routine – more than the actual movie?


  2. You watched more movies last month than I have watched in several years! Ha! I do want to watch ‘this is 40’ I LOVED father of the bride but watched it when it first came out. I liked the sequel, too. I have the hardest time watching movies since I go up to bed at 8:30 to read. So it takes us several nights to watch a movie together!

    My reading has been kind of meh this year. You asked in a comment how I decide what to read. I get ideas from several book podcasts I listen to. I pretty much only read books I can get at the library, so I am at the mercy of what becomes available! I only put books on my hold list that I really want to read since I can only have 30 ebooks on hold at a time.


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