Sprinting to the finishing line

Finishing work tasks this week feels like sprinting a 5k race. I had 6 meetings yesterday and went home exhausted, but happy that I managed to do all I wanted to do. It’s not a low season at work so it feels indulgent to take vacation now. Good thing is that many of us international staff have kids in the same school, so everyone is taking leave next week, making me less odd 🙂

I was happy to come home with dinner served. I swear that every night I see the spread of food, I think it’s too much for us, but every night we finished it all. This night we had curry chicken with potato, 3 vegetable dishes, and a tofu dish with carrot and cabbage, all served with rice. YUM~ I am so glad to have our helper who speaks very well English and learns to cook quickly. Now, husband just take the ingredients out in the afternoon and she knows what to cook for dinner. Definitely feels like a luxury.

This is Indonesia week at the school. I was planning to go to school to watch Sofia’s performance but didn’t manage too. Fortunately her classmate’s mom took pics of her. Such a good parent friend.

I went to school a bit later for a conference with Lizzy’s teacher, and accidentally saw Sofia taking the ride with her friend. It’s Indonesia week so they are experiencing local traditions this week.

Friday started with 7 miles run, then I plan to check emails once more for loose ends, send out of office automatic response, and start packing. Our pre-travel tasks include:

  • pack obviously
  • finish fridge items as much as possible
  • inform piano, tennis, gym coach, about our vacation
  • arrange cat feeding with our helper
  • meal prep return meals if I still have time

Do you have a pre-travel routine?

2 thoughts on “Sprinting to the finishing line

  1. I always try to leave the house relatively clean and empty the fridge. It is such a relief to come home and have everything in its place before the chaos of unpacking ensues.
    I also try to have a few really easy meals in the freezer so I can pull those out to thaw for our first few meals home since grocery shopping just feels like a monumental task at the end of a vacation. I suppose I could organize grocery delivery, but I prefer to settle in at home for 24 hours and then venture out.


  2. Enjoy your time away! I don’t have much in the way of pre-travel rituals aside from trying to leave the house tidy. We try to come back a day before we have to go back to work. We need that day to do laundry and grocery shop and get ready for the week. I know many people like to maximize their time away but I value coming back a day early to ease the transition back to real life!

    6 meetings is A LOT! I have done way more meetings lately and that is going to continue to be a trend. A bank failed today and we owned it in several portfolios so I ended up working for most of today which was supposed to be a day off. I am kind of dreading next week.


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