Assorted updates

I loved being back at home with the girls after a packed trip and took the Sunday completely free of plans. I felt like spending half of my days in the kitchen, making lunch and dinner, and meal prepping breakfast (crepes, carrot cakes) and snacks (cookies). One of my ways to express love to my family is to fuel them with nourishing and yummy food.

Sofia loves tuna salad with chips, so I made it for her… so easy and always welcomed by the girls. She also had rice cakes made by grandma.

Lizzy enjoyed the chips more than the salad. hahaha… I don’t think she likes the tuna salad per se, but when I make it, she gets just as excited as Sofia. They have very different taste buds, so I try to rotate making their favorites.

After 3 days of eating out, I craved homemade fresh food. I made a soba noodle salad with peanut butter sauce with crunchy veggies, and baked tofu. It was sooo good, even husband loved it so much that he had two full plates.

Monday and Tuesday were packed as I had to catch up with work, and advance with few projects as I’ll be on leave the full next week with the girls to Club Med. Both Monday and Tuesday I went to bed super early and woke up feeling still needing more sleep. Well.. I’ll have the full week next week to rest properly.

I signed up for a 5k race on March 19, per my coach advise as I am in speed training segment. I asked 3 colleagues from the office to join me and the girls. I am super excited. I added my races record on the blog, so I can refer to them easily. Let’s see if I can break my 2017 5k PR. Quite daunting but would be thrilled to give it a try.

Grandma and daddy are packing to leave this weekend. It was super nice to have my mom here for the last 4 months. I hope she didn’t get too bored and want to come back soon, maybe August/Sept as she needs to do some dental work.

I am having some acid reflex issues lately. I was one meds for 2 weeks, then stopped, felt still some acid when I was not on meds but manageable. This week, I feel it’s coming back again so I need to really undertand its causes and start making some changes. If you know any good resource/book/podcast about acid reflex, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Assorted updates

  1. All that food looks soooooo good. I also love tuna salad! And noodles! Yum.
    I’m so sorry to hear your acid reflux is still an issue; hope you find a good solution soon.
    It must be hard to say godbye to your mom after you were separate for so long during the pandemic. After four months, she’s integrated into daily life. Hope she can get back soon!


  2. I love rice cakes, but no one else in my family likes them, so I don’t buy them very much. How were they prepared? I usually just add them to a stir fry (or in hot pot) but want to try more ideas. I agree with you that preparing food is my way of showing my family that I love them. Even when I work at in the evenings, I try to make dinner to have ready for them when they come home. I know my Husband is capable of making dinner, but I feel like if I can’t be home for dinner, making food is my way of joining them for dinner.


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