Short trip to Manila – I can always come back :)

I was in Manila Thursday-Saturday last week and it was packed! I landed Manila Thursday 6am (overnight flight), dropped my luggage at my friend’s, and went straight to my eye doctor. It was the 3 months post surgery check up. Everything looks good. I got enough supply of eye drops until next appt, 6-12 months.

I had lunch with one of colleague friends. So lovely to hear what’s happening in the office, the country, and her personal life and aspirations. Then I went to the office to meet with another colleague who’s leaving Manila office in few months, so it was nice to see him before he moves to Africa. While in office, I met with more colleagues, and had coffee with my successor. I went “home” 7pm after quick stop for dinner, and crashed bed by 8pm. I was exhausted from lack of sleep the night before and so many meetings.

Friday started with a run at my usual running path. I bumped into two colleagues who are regular runners there, and we chatted about running, and their next assignments.

After a short meeting in the morning, I met with another colleague for lunch and heard more gossip about the office and our organization. hahahah…. it’s funny that each person has different gossips.

Then I went to office to meet with my mentor, one of the most important people I wanted to meet every time I go there, and probably the most influential person on my career so far. It was always so nice to chat with him, I always feel inspired and happy to have known him. He had another meeting, so we only met about 1.5 hrs. Before I left, he invited me over his house for brunch the next day so we can continue our conversation. How wonderful!

Saturday started with 10 miles run at the usual path. When I finished, I sit with moonpal for a while. He is our favorite street cat.

After shower, I went to my mentor’s place. What a peaceful view at his place. I left his place 3 hours later and felt like it was not enough time to talk many things.

Final meet up was with my Manila “family”. They were my teams that became like family. it was so nice to meet K’s family too, a 4.5 months old who looks so calm and happy all the time.

After our meetup, I went home, packed, and left for the airport.

What a packed trip and so nice. This time I didn’t meet with many friends given the time constraint, which means these are the MOST important people I do want to meet.

On my ride to the airport, I realized that the sadness that I felt when we left Manila last October was not needed because I can always come back. What made me sad was to leave behind the people that I had strong connection. But they are just a flight away.

A heavy weight got lifted 🙂 With friends that I want to keep for life, no matter where I live, we can always make it work. 😆

2 thoughts on “Short trip to Manila – I can always come back :)

  1. You packed a lot into a short trip! It’s great that you got to see so many colleagues. I always pick up gossip when I travel for work. It’s kind of nice to get the “inside scoop” on things from others’ perspectives. How wonderful to get so much time with your mentor, too. His home looks beautiful!!


  2. Awww, so great! It seems like you really felt like Manila was “home”. You never know, maybe somehow you’ll end up there again. I know you enjoy moving around, but there would be nothing wrong with staying put somewhere if it feels right, too. Glad you had a nice trip. You fit in so much socializing!!! 🙂


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