6 reasons I exercise.

It is obvious that I love working out, semi-obsessive sometimes, and I need it so badly most of the days. This morning I did something brave, and I found a new reason to work out πŸ™‚

  1. Functional. When I traveled to Argentina, the girl sitting next to me looks like in her 20s. She’s much taller than me, not heavy but big. She struggled to put her backpack on the overhead bin. My hand luggage got heavier than planned as I bought creams from duty-free. It was probably 14-15kg. I lifted it and found it heavy. I was afraid that I won’t be able to put it in the overhead bin. To my surprise, I put it no problem at all, thanks to 2-3 times of lifting weight. I understood finally how getting stronger muscles help to carry on life. πŸ™‚
  2. Performance. I am obsessed with running. I want to get faster. I work out to improve my running performance, to go sub-4 hrs this year. I am currently in a speed training cycle, prescribed by my coach, and I actually enjoy speed now. It is intimidating but feels so good when I can achieve the pace.
  3. Look. No doubt physical appearance is a reason that I work out. Its importance has declined over the years but it is still a reason. My ideal look is lean and strong, athletic, energetic.
  4. Mental health. This is probably one of the top reasons I work out. The endorphin I get is essential for a good day. When I don’t exercise, I feel lethargic for the day, and just overall more pessimistic about life.
  5. Discomfort. This morning, I went to the pool. We have two pools in the building, indoor warm water, and outdoor cold water. I first did 10 laps in the indoor pool, then got the idea to try the outdoor pool. What came to mind was DISCOMFORT. I wanted to lean into discomfort, remember to be in discomfort, as life is too comfortable otherwise. I know it sounds crazy but that’s honestly lacking in our life these days. The moment I got into the water, I was physically uncomfortable, 20 meters in, I felt a bit more comfortable. I did 15 min and went back to indoor pool. Discomfort dissipated quicker than I expected. I am so glad I did that.
  6. Health benefits. Working out keeps my body strong, helps me sleep better, slowing down the aging process.

What are the reasons you exercise regularly?

One thought on “6 reasons I exercise.

  1. My reasons are mental health, longevity, and appearance. So we share a lot of the same reasons for working out. I do not have the fire in my belly to run faster, though. I don’t know if I will ever have that desire again, though, but I’m in a different stage of parenting that is so physically demanding! So maybe I will feel more motivated when the kids are older! I wish I had more time to workout – I would have to get up so early to workout as often as I’d like and I just can’t do that… but someday I will have more time in the evenings/on weekends to exercise so I tell myself this is a season of life!


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