Fully charged weekend

I am happy to report that we are all recovered from the flu and had an amazing weekend. Being sick for a week reminded us how wonderful is to not being sick and do things that we love and enjoy.

Sofia had her first time trial in the new school. I wasn’t sure she’s fully recovered from the flu as she got fever Tuesday evening. Fortunately she recovered fast and had no fever for 2 days before the meet up. I would say she wasn’t in her best yet, but decent performance overall. Fastest in her age/gender group in all four swims (50 meters).

we left house 6:15am to start the warm up at 7am, and finished the event by 10am.

after some resting, we met with Lizzy, daddy and grandma at a burger place for lunch. Sofia loves burgers, Lizzy loves fries, perfect spot for lunch.

Very cool set up, very casual, and fresh burgers. Lizzy had her goal class in the morning.

We didn’t do much in the afternoon, everyone took a nap. I went to get my manicure done. Then girls and I went out to buy snack for their movie night, Cheetos and shrimp sticks were their chosen snack for the day. They got cozy and watched a kids movie. Meanwhile I watched part an episode of Aftershock, so so documentary.

Sunday continued to drizzle in the morning, but I was determined to get my run in. After I recovered well, I had so much energy but didn’t exercise on Saturday so by Sunday I was so charged. The weather is not great, raining a lot despite not being in the raining season. I had 8 miles planned with last mile faster, but I was on fire. Listening to music, running on an almost empty course at 6:30am with other committed runners, all I could think was I LOVE MY LIFE!!! hahahaha…. I was smiling the entire time. After 10km, I picked up Sofia from home, who planned to run 4 miles. The rain almost stopped at the time but still quite cooling. It was such a lovely run.

Happy faces post run.

Sofia had tennis at 10am and asked for smoothie for breakfast. She also had banana bread, perfect way to refuel after the run. Fellow runners were all grouped in this place… love the camaraderie. Jakarta seems to have more culture of exercising than Manila. Sunday car free day in the main avenue to allow runners, cyclists, walkers to do their thing, followed by street food.

After I got home, I showered, had breakfast, planned the week, and still felt full of energy. So I made crepes, cookies, and lunch for the family. Our day ended with indoor climbing. Here’s Lizzy “racing” against my colleague friend. So funny to see how determined Lizzy was to win the race.

While Sofia and Lizzy watched their movie, I watched two episodes of Full Swing with husband. His true love 🙂

Next week I’ll be traveling to Manila for my eye surgery follow up, 3 days trip to meet with some friends and my supply of eye drops.

One thought on “Fully charged weekend

  1. I am glad you are all feeling better and that you are back to running! That is so cool that they close down the road on Sundays so you can easily go for runs! That is a very cool set-up!

    Funnily, I was going to recommend Full Swing to you since you both like golf. I’ve been watching it with my husband. I think it’s a great doc series. We are almost done with the last episode. Even though I don’t golf, I love watching golf on tv! I find it so soothing so we often have it on in the background when we are home on the weekends. My husband loves to golf and is pretty good – he has a handicap of around 8-9. I’d like to learn to golf but I need more free time to do that – so maybe when I’m retired!


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