Thoughts on my mind

How do we deal with unfairness? This thought came yesterday as 2 shocking events happened. I would think that I’m old enough to have seen all and not be surprised by things. Well… I am wrong. I still get surprised. I am no longer the naive girl that believes the world is a fair place with people acting with integrity. Yet, when I see things happening for reasons that I do understand but still find unfair, they trigger me to question the world. I guess it’s in my DNA to seek fairness in life, for me and for others that I care, but my rational mind tells me that life is not fair in the pure sense. A lot of time, many factors including luck plays a bigger role than fairness. Sometimes the luck works in my favor, sometimes works in favor of others.

Venting is connecting. I know that it’s not good to be venting to other people at work. But I can’t deny that venting session unites people. hahaha….. I found a buddy here that I feel comfortable having those sessions and it’s quite liberating.

Being sick is very disruptive. I feel like out of commission since last Thursday. As I slept everyday until 6am (usually I get up at 4:30am), I skipped meditation. As I didn’t have energy to run, I didn’t get the daily sweat, solo time to think about my day, I felt at lost. I knew I had a lot to do still at work and to organize life, but I didn’t know what they are. I go through the day feeling I am forgetting something.

Fortunately, I’m over it finally. This morning I got up at 4:45am, meditated for 20 min, got 5 miles in and 30 min strength session. This is how I like to start my day! 🙂

Reflex is back, hopefully temporary. The doctor said it could be triggered due to sickness, so I’m taking the meds again for 1-2 weeks, hopefully that solves it. Acid reflex is very weakening so I hope I have it under control, otherwise I can’t do much during the day.

Weekend plans: Swim meet up with Sofia on Saturday. Tennis and indoor climbing on Sunday. I hope we get to try a new restaurant too. The weather has been terrible the whole week, raining all day long. Some sunshine please! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my mind

  1. I like the start to your day- sounds very nice! My boys have to be up and getting ready by ~6:30-6:40 these days, so I feel like my morning window disappears too fast. They dont’ go to bed as early anymore now that they are teenagers, too, so it can be hard for me to get to bed super early to then get up super early like 4:30-4:45. I usually sleep in until closer to 5:30 these days, so I really don’t get a ton of time to myself in the morning before I need to make sure they are up and moving and get them off to school.

    Does Indonesia have a “rainy season”? Is this the rainy season, or just a coincidence that it’s been raining this week?


  2. I am glad you are feeling better and can resume some of your essential habits! I have been under the weather for over a week now so have had to prioritize sleep/rest over exercising. I don’t like doing that but know I will just prolong my illness if I do too much.

    I agree about venting! That is one thing I am going to really miss when my colleague retires. We do a lot of venting!


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