Sickness update

Since my last update, hubby also got sick on Saturday. I am almost recovered, no fever since Sunday but still some coughing and my left nodule is still a bit swollen. I haven’t run since Friday, skipped two runs and feels like forever. I did have energy to do yoga/Pilates all these days, so I’ve been doing that and gaining strength in that front.

Lizzy is not getting better, low grade fever and a lot of coughing, especially at night, so I took her back to see doctor on Monday and she’s on antibiotics now. hopefully she gets better by tomorrow so she can go back to school.

Hubby is having cold symptoms after 1 day of fever. Taking it easy.

This morning Sofia woke up with coughing. Finger crossed she can get over it without fuss.

This virus seems sooooo strong, everyone in the family is being affected, except grandma so far.

We didn’t do much over the weekend as I was particularly tired. Saturday, I had Sofia’s friend over for a playdate and I took them for bubble tea after some playtime at home

Girls were super excited for the adventure as it was their first time trying it

They both skipped dinner after that… it was so rich.

Sunday afternoon was spent between naps, lego time, and reading. I started a mini book club with Sofia, on a book recommended by her teacher, and I’m so hooked with the book.

I made focaccia pizza for dinner and girls loved it. Lizzy still doesn’t have much appetite, but Sofia really loved it, and had leftovers for lunch the next two days.

I made a chickpea omelet with mushrooms, so good as well.

I’m back to work since Monday, a lot of work to catch up. I am grateful for recovering it without antibiotics. Instead of being mad about the sickness, I told myself to take the opportunity to rest a lot, averaging 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sickness update

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, and I hope everyone else is on the mend soon!! That’s nice that you at least did some gentle yoga. I have not had time really to do any stretching/yoga (I aim to do one short session per week, at least- and it’s not even “real” yoga, but just a Beachbody stretching video of sorts), and I miss it. It’s so relaxing.


  2. Sorry to hear that you have all been so sick! I came down with a pesky cold when I got back from Texas last week. So I haven’t done any workouts! I debated doing a workout today but decided to prioritize rest. With all the travel I’ve done and the busy days I’ve had, I am so worn out!!

    I hope your mom stays healthy!


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