Sick… sigh

Coming back from a wonderful trip, getting right into a busy week of work, coupled with jet lag, resulted in sickness. Sigh… not fun.

I felt some chest discomfort on Wednesday after my speed run, I thought it was due to my run being very intense. Then Lizzy came home with high fever after school. I slept with her that night, waking up every hour to check on her, so I barely sleep. By 3am, I told husband to take over as my headache was getting bad and I thought few hours of sleep would help. Unfortunately, headache continued, and I was warm too (37.2C) and chest felt heavy. We went to the doctor on Thursday morning. Probably a viral infection for both of us, we were given meds for the mucus/coughing and monitor how fever develops. Lizzy continued to have bouts of high fever for the rest of the day. My headache was so bad that I had to take a Tylenol so I could work for few hours, an important meeting to prepare for. Then I went to have a 90 min massage that felt sooooo good.

Daddy slept with Lizzy that night so I can have a good night of sleep, which I did, 10 hrs!!! Unfortunately, headache continued, and chest pain got worse with my 3 miles jog. Lizzy’s fever came down a bit but she’s coughing more and complains about chest pain. I guess we will have to wait it out.

I have to work today on Friday for two important meetings…. I will try to endure it and take a lot of rest this weekend.

It has been over 3 months since last time Lizzy got sick, which is really good as she was getting sick every month before. Yet, when she tells me semi-crying she’s uncomfortable when her fever is high, it breaks my heart and would try to catch the moon to make her feel better if I could.

Hope we both feel better soon.

5 thoughts on “Sick… sigh

  1. I’m so sorry you and Lizzy are both suffering from another bug. It has been a rough few months for your family and that can start to feel so draining. I do hope you both get a lot of extra rest – chest pain is a big warning sign, and I’m so glad you sought out medical care!

    Take care and I pray everyone is restored to full health soon!


  2. It’s so hard when multiple family members are sick! I hope everyone is feeling back to normal soon. It sounds like you are doing a good combination of resting and powering through.
    I loved reading about your trip. Good to hear you are home safely.


  3. Yuck, I feel you! Sickness over here too. 😦 I hope you guys get better really soon! Definitely the whirlwind trip and long flights and crazy time changes probably didn’t help, either. What can you do though.. it happens… When Asher got sick this morning and I was soooo frustrated and whining to my husband about how unfair that it would have to happen NOW, right before his big swim meet, he said, “Oh stop it. That’s just life.” Ha. True point.. I hope you get well soon!


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