5k race report

My coach set me to do a 5k race to see how I am doing with the speed training segment. This is the last running race before the start of the month long fasting for muslim. I was not sure about the race organization, nor sure if my calf will act out (I pulled a muscle when doing the speed run on the treadmill last Wednesday). Since I was running with some friends, I went as planned with my girls. One friend ran with Sofia, another ran alone, and a third one walked with Lizzy. I was set to run alone.

We arrived 30 min before the official starting line. I did the 8 min warm up instead of 10 min as it was already quite hot. The race started 15 min late. It was a really small race, I think about 130 runners. They didn’t close the roads, so we were running on the roads together with cars. Once known that, I was ready to turn it into an easy run as it seems impossible to keep a pace with cars, stop lights, and lack of proper organization. Well… that’s what I thought.

I lined up first to avoid having to run through others. 2 min in, I was running my prescribed pace and without any runners on sight, but two cyclists “guarding” me on the streets, one in front to guide me, one by my side to create a space between car lane and me. I felt I was Kipchoge!!! I was running alone with two guys by my side just to ensure my safety and taking pics and videos of me. Can you imagine???

I slowed down in mile 3 as I was feeling tired, and the sun was so strong. I kept it as fast as I could hold, waiting to sprint in the last 200 meters, which never came as I arrived to the finished line when my Garmin marked 2.99 miles. My friends’ watch marked 5k exact so maybe it was 5k. I finished 23 min 2 secs, even with the missing 200 meters, I think I made it to the goal of under 24 min, which is a PB!!! I am so happy with this outcome. My previous PB was in 2017 so I am now confident that I can still get faster even older. 🙂

The training works, and I absolutely love my coach. He checked on me everyday before the race to see how’s my calf, gave me detailed suggestions for the pace, warm up, yet, told me to just have fun. I love how chill he is.

it was extra fun to run it with new friends in Jakarta and the girls. We went for brunch after the race, being interviewed by the organizers, and had a blast!

My HR went to the roof, 192 max and averaged 172, which shows I really pushed myself. The point of doing shorter races is to be comfortable with the discomfort of faster pace. Next race will be 10k in end of May, either in DC or Jakarta. I am excited about it already!!! 😀

7 thoughts on “5k race report

  1. Oh my goodness – what a FABULOUS result. I’m so glad things worked out so well and what a great time. You must be thrilled with the impacts of all your hard work and the help from a coach.
    And to have the girls running too is just beyond lovely.


    1. Yes! That’s why I might do a 10k in dc in May instead of Jakarta. The dry season has started here so it will just become hotter and hotter.


  2. Wow, great job!! So… funny story about 5ks and why I will probably never run another one.. back when I used to run, I was training for I think a half, or my marathon- can’t remember. But anyway, I wasn’t doing probably enough actual dedicated speed work for a 5K (was doing the longer distance stuff). But I went out and did it anyway- it was actually my first ever 5k, though I had done longer races. I got so excited when it started that I was like, full out sprinting along with the leaders (should NOT have been my pace). When I looked down at my watch it said I was running something like a sub 6:00/mile pace (for a little while!). Of course, I shortly after started feeling horrible, and ended up PUKING during the race, toward the end… Omg. I ended up running a 22:57 which is crazy fast for me (likely due to my sprinting too much of it…ha) and I am certain I could never run one that fast again. But after that experience (this was maybe almost 10 years ago now), I really have no desire to do another one! Hahah!! A girl came up to my afterwards who saw me throwing up on the side of the course and told me “good job, I’ve been there!!” Lol. I was sooooo embarrassed. But imagine how fast my time might have been if I hadn’t had to stop to throw up! 😆😆😆😆


  3. Congratulations! That is a fast time. Your coach sounds fantastic, and your training program is obviously working. I’m curious to know how hot it was. We have to deal with the heat here as well, and it makes a big difference. I hope the training for your 10k is going well!


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