Monday is a drag

Why Mondays are already so overwhelming? I managed to tackle the most urgent tasks during my 8 hours in the office without proper lunch break. When I left, I was exhausted and had a headache. I asked the girls how was there Monday. Sofia said: Monday is a drag. Class is boring but two funny things happened. This was the first time I heard Sofia saying school is boring. Well… I don’t blame her as the subject of inquiry was tongs, of people, of different animals. Lizzy seemed to have a better day so she told me her daily schedule super excited.

As I lied down at the couch waiting for the girls to get ready to bed… I thought about how to make Monday less “painful”. Start checking emails on weekend? Sounds like a terrible idea. Or simply be prepared mentally for a not so good day. That sounds more realistic.

Some pics of the weekend that I enjoyed: Lizzy trying on the race shirt… way too big. But she even dressed up to show her runner’s spirit, putting on Sofia’s shoes and my hat.

I meal prep a lot over the weekend: banana bread, aduki rice cake, chickpea tofu curry with red rice for hubby’s lunch, salad with sesame dressing that I loved in Club Med

pumpkin red lentil soup with baked tofu. Soup is soooo comforting.

And Cookie coming to ask for mimos when I was done with morning meditation. She’s so lovely.

I am starting my Tuesday not rushed, and looking forward to Wednesday as national holiday. Every week should have a mid-week break, don’t you think?

One thought on “Monday is a drag

  1. Every week should have a mid-week break, OR, there should always be a three-day weekend with Mondays off. That would solve the problem!
    I’m impressed with your meal prep- I love tofu, lentils, and curry. It all sounds delicious.


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