midweek break fun

I really love having a non-work day in the middle of the week. What a wonderful idea!!!

I did outdoor jogging and returned to home to meet Sofia at the gym. She did 4k on the treadmill while I did 30 min runners strength training. The dry season has arrived and the sun is already up and strong by 6:10am, so she prefers to run indoor which I understand.

Then I went to the sauna. Unfortunately I felt bad afterwards, just like the last time I went there. Maybe it was too long, or too hot, but I guess I will not do that for a while until I figure out how to enjoy it and feel good afterwards.

We went to get batiks for the girls as they have photo taking this Friday which requires batik, local clothing. We went to buy the cheapest batik possible as I don’t like girls’ style batiks. Lizzy trying on different kinds.

then we went to a shopping mall to buy gifts for a birthday party Sofia is attending this weekend. When we finished it was lunch time so we had lunch at a local healthy grain place. Girls both had the salmon bowl, daddy had steak bowl,

and I had this vegan bowl with barley broccoli rice, mushroom, zucchini, pumpkin and tempeh. Tempeh is soooo filling. I gave hubby 2 pieces of them. I think I prefer tofu.

The 3 hours outing exhausted me. I took afternoon easy, watching a new chinese TV series before it was time to prepare dinner. Girls asked for udon noodles, and I delivered. 🙂

For a non-working day, I was more tired than usual, probably a combination of the morning sauce and going out to the mall. The traffic, the noise, the stores, overwhelms me. I prefer online shopping and home based relaxation more, but it was fun overall.

2 thoughts on “midweek break fun

  1. So impressive that Sofia will even run on the treadmill! My boys are older than her and neither one seems to like to run too much just for the sake of running…. I agree that a midweek day off is so nice. I have said before that if I were to work just 4 days a week I think I would prefer to have Wednesday off- 2 days on, one day off to regroup, then 2 more only before the weekend!!!


  2. Yes, I love having a day off in the middle of the week! Of course that means I work on Saturdays… but it’s worth it. Your day does sound really fun, but I would be tired too. I agree it could be the sauna for you.
    I know it can be bitter depending on how it’s cooked, but I usually like it better than tofu. Well… I like them both.


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