Post pandemic already?

Life is getting more like pre pandemic in the sense that it’s getting busy in a good way. Weekend is filled by structured activities and spontaneous ones. I am really glad that we are at the end of the pandemic, yet I miss slow days…. hahaha… human nature right?


I got up at 5am as usual and heard husband saying something. I thought he was dreamed talking. To my surprised he got up 5:30am and told me he has training session at the gym at 6am. OMG! Hubby going to the gym at 6am by his initiative? I’m happily surprised. Maybe he has realized FINALLY that going to sleep early ensures a good night of sleep? Did I mention that since the change, I’ve been sleeping wonderfully every night.

Lizzy reminded me that we need to do special breakfast on Saturdays on Friday so I prep the night before and put the French toast casserole with cream cheese and berries in the oven at 6am. By 7am, girls were dressed up and ready to try the yummy food set in front of them. Oranges and panettone were also served.

I told girls we needed to wait for daddy to come back from the gym. They waited, smelled, made silly faces until daddy came back 7:15am.

I left them eating and went to golf practice with a colleague. After an hour of practice, we went to brunch near my house. It was nice but somehow I felt I’d enjoyed more slow morning at home alone while the girls went to soccer practice. I do have friends at work but socializing with colleagues (not colleague friends) on weekend felt like working. Maybe that’s a sign that I don’t like the person much? I dunno. do you hang out with colleagues in no work days?

I got home around 11am, prepared a quick lunch for the girls before they left for mandarin lesson. It was Lizzy’s class but Sofia joined for a play date with teacher’s daughter. Lizzy is loving the class as it feels like play date.

After they went off, I went to the gym to have the second 45 min full body work session. I am glad that I did it, and took a bath with epsom salt afterwards. By 3:30pm I was already in my PJs.

I looked around Netflix searching something to watch but couldn’t find any. Instead I searched how much you tubers make for living? those who do YouTube videos full-time. I was shocked what I found. It distorts all my value system of being productive to the society and being rewarded accordingly. Sigh….

Girls came back, Sofia had piano theory zoom class, Lizzy came back and went out straight to the pool. Sofia joined her when she finished with her class. meanwhile I prepared an easy but crowd pleasing sheet pan chicken with vegetable for their dinner.

5:30pm dinner time, 1 hour of TV for the girls, while I finished the book I was reading and started a new one.

Light out by 8:25pm. Glorious sleep!!! 😀

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