Where did the week go?

I honestly don’t know what I did or didn’t do this week. Time just flied by. I was a bit busy with work but not too busy and today’s Friday and I feel I didn’t do much. But I did do:

  • walk with the girls to the school Monday to Thursday every morning. It’s getting a bit warm in the morning so not sure how much longer they are willing to do so.
  • I got amazing sleeps lately, 8ish to 5ish.
  • I went to the gym once for 45 min.
  • I got to make breakfast for hubby every morning. He is loving green smoothies.
  • I hugged my girls for solid 10 min with tons of kisses in the morning.
  • Took LIzzy to ENT doctor to clean her ear wax. That was exhausting and scary but glad it’s done.
  • Got prescription for LIzzy eczema that got worse suddenly.
  • Prepared packed lunches for the girls everyday.

What I didn’t do

  • make new recipes. Lazy.
  • read. I did read everyday but not many pages before I get super sleepy.
  • talk to my mom on the go as I didn’t have many of those.
  • family album 2021. Photos selected, coupon bought, just haven’t started making the album.

Looking forward to the weekend which starts now!!! 😀

One thought on “Where did the week go?

  1. I felt like the week went by fast too. I had kind of a lot going on with my volunteer job plus regular work plus kid stuff and stayed up too late too many nights. I’m glad it’s the weekend too. My parents are coming though this afternoon through Monday so that will be nice, but still busy then! Oh well! I try to not worry too much about being “busy” in a negative way and instead see it as full/ living/ alive/ active/ fun!


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