All things that went well this weekend

It was an uneventful weekend that I loved so much. I woke up on Saturday with very good mood. Felt invincible. 🙂 After my unplanned 10 miles and gym session, I enjoyed a quiet and slow breakfast at home alone: low carb “oatmeal” with almond butter. Girls went to soccer, hubby went to groceries shopping so I could really savor my meal without distraction or rush. I know everybody says we need to be mindful when we eat, without devises around, so we can nourish in the proper way. But often time, there are emails to check, Instagram update to check, kids questions to be answered, etc. You know what else happens when we don’t eat mindfully? Our blood sugar response to food is more pronounced. The same meal eaten quietly, slowly, without distraction can yield completely different blood sugar response if eaten in a “stressed” mode. It happened many times to me that I know it for fact.

After meal, I planned next week’s menu. I’ve started doing it few weeks ago and it is working well for everybody. Our helper knows what to cook for dinner and doesn’t need to check with me when I am at work. I make sure it is a balanced meal plan for the week. I also plan ahead what lunches to pack for the kids so I don’t stress out in the morning. Hubby usually eats leftovers or noodles with vegetables, something quick. I am on week 2 of vegan keto meal delivery plan (which actually I don’t like it too much) so I don’t plan my lunches.

Saturday lunch was me and Lizzy as Sofia had golf at noon. we had salmon burger, carrot and potato fries, and cucumber. As long as there is ketchup, it’s a good meal in Lizzy’s book.

We had a slow afternoon. Kids went to the pool for a while and I indulged some YouTube watching. I also played with Lizzy, basically she teaching me how to draw a cat.

Dinner time: quinoa, broccoli, tofu and seaweed.

for the family: beef noodles, which girls didn’t like but hubby loved.

after dinner I did something that I’ve never done before, put some music and dance with the girls in the dark. It was probably less than 10 min, we all laughed and had good time. Something to be repeated.

Other things that made it a good day:

  • I was tentative to the girls. I gave them time to tell me things while having dinner without rushing them. Sofia told me some mean girls at school. Lizzy told me her new game with her friend called Mariposa.
  • I enjoyed browsing some recipe books, and bookmarking for future meal plans.
  • Girls did homework without fuss, and made sure they finish them before asking for play.
  • I enjoyed making popcorn for the girls for their movie night. Meanwhile I had 1 hr of quiet reading.
  • I spent 10 min stretching before bed, without music, very calming.

Sunday started with a time trial run for Sofia and her running buddy Leia. it was 3 km distance at a sustained pace. Sofia had the goal of finishing it at 17 min, Leia 20 min. I did it first with Sofia, 18 min 10 sec. Then with Leia, 19 min 16 sec. Meanwhile Lizzy did 2 min run 2 min walk. I was surprised that my legs were not sore from the 10 miles run on Saturday. I was really happy that I could be their pacers. We will repeat this in few weeks to track their progress.

Lizzy had a playdate so Sofia did homework and made cookies for the week.

Sofia and I also went out for a groceries run. We enjoyed the outing despite the heat. Once home, I prepared lunch (instructing helper hehehe). Sushi was on the menu

Mine had quinoa, cucumber, smoked tofu, carrot. YUM.

For dessert girls had waffle with strawberries cream cheese and the oatmeal almond cookie. YUM YUM!!!

Afternoon was indulgent again for me. I spent the whole afternoon watching Anatomy of a scandal First show I watch this month. I even waited girls to finish their allotted time to finish the last episode at 8pm, together with the pin of ice cream that I started too. hahah….. very indulgent but was really fun. I ended up not having a good night of sleep but well… it was fun 🙂

How was your weekend? What made it fun?

3 thoughts on “All things that went well this weekend

    1. low carb oatmeal is oatmeal without oats but made with frozen cauliflower, flax meal, almond meal, coconut flour, protein powder, cacao powder. so it’s high fat and protein, low carb.


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