I’ve been in a high state of mind since Tuesday 8pm. Why? Because I went to hair salon for color. I haven’t done it since Sofia was born, so almost a decade. I don’t know why triggered me to decide to go for it but I am so happy I did pull the trigger. The process was wayyyyyyy too long. Almost 4 hours because I did highlight, full color, and bang. while I was waiting, I really questioned whether it was worth it

and then I was blowed away by the final result. I originally want to do brownish orange, the color I had 10 years ago. But the Japanese salon didn’t have it, apparently orange is not popular in Japan so the stylist suggested a light brown with a touch of red. Not what I expected but I am IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR COLOR!!!! It completely lifted up my mood in a surprising way. I got home very late and couldn’t sleep out of excitement. CRAZY right?

the next day I continued to be SUPER HIGH!!! hahaha… Other things that made my Wednesday WONDERFUL

  • Sofia’s MAP test result came out and she did GREAT, 92 and 95 percentiles in English and math.
  • Sofia did time trial for swimming and she killed it too despite her ankle injury last Sunday.
  • I hosted a spontaneous dinner to two visiting colleagues friends (one from Austria based in Singapore, one from Russia based in DC). It wasn’t planned at all but after chatting with them on Monday happy hour, I decided to have them over for dinner to meet my family. One of them is actually living my organization, something that I can only admire, because we have a really comfortable job, why would you leave and go out there to start a company yourself with all the risks involved? Well… because he really wants to do something and continuing in the job prevents him to try it out, success or failure. Sometimes in life, we do need to take risks. Personally I don’t think I am brave enough to do that, but maybe that’s because I haven’t encountered something that I feel strongly about to do outside my current job. The conversation with the Russia girl was super interesting as we got to hear Russian’s view on the current war. I feel so grateful to meet so many interesting people through my work. They inspire me, shows me different ways to live, and supportive to each other. This morning I added him in FB so I can follow him along his new journey.

The downside of being in high state for couple of days is that my sleep has been poor and I feel more tired physically than normal. Fortunately I know how to recover fas! Will start reading 6pm sharp tonight and bed by 8pm! ๐Ÿ˜€

3 thoughts on “BEING HIGH

  1. Beautiful!! I didn’t realize your hair was so long. I thought it was more shoulder length, for some reason. So they had to dye all of your hair first, and then do the highlights? I bet that did take forever! Looks great though!!! The red is so cool. Just curious- how much does that cost (cut/ color total) in the Philippines? Hair salons are so pricey here, just curious what it’s like over there.


  2. Wow! I didn’t know your hair was this long either. It looks great!! I would love to pull out my blonde highlights more, but once I start with colour I know it would be a regular thing and between the time/cost I just haven’t done it (I’ve only had my hair dyed 4 times – twice at home (which was terrible) and then twice at a salon (to fix the issues with the home stuff; I loved the dark colour I got at home but it went “orange” over time and was truly awful)!
    And those are wonderful accomplishments for your girls, too ๐Ÿ™‚


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