Ups and Downs


  • morning sky at 5:30am. Sunrise got earlier these days, so if I’m ready by 5:30, I’d go out for a run before girls wake up. When I see the slight pink sky, it put a smile on my face.
  • Girls attitude change toward running. We’ve been running almost consistently for over 6 months, mainly Sofia and her friend Leia. Lizzy joined us 2 weeks ago. This Friday at 6am with her half sleep face, I told her to wake up and we go for a run at 6:10am. Instead of refusing it, she simply asked: how long. 🙂 This is a subtle change but a huge step. This Friday Sofia and Leia run by themselves for 20 min. I jog with Lizzy, 2.5 min jog, 1 min walk, and she finished the 20 min without too much complaint. 😆
  • I am loving my new hair color. I know I’ve said too many times already. Yet, nobody at work commented on it. It’s more than obvious that I changed color. Is it not appropriate to comment on colleague’s hair color these days?


  • I am sick. I finished work 8pm last night with a severe headache. I had 3 more meetings in the afternoon. Not a Good Friday plan. I also felt hot/warm and slept poorly (woke up 4 times to go to the bathroom). This morning my aura ring confirmed my suspicious, I am sick. Sore legs, headache, mild fever (99.1F). Not sure if it’s work stress related or just didn’t take enough rest this week. Hopefully with a full day of rest, I’ll get better. No flu/cold symptoms.
  • Democracy. There will be national elections in the Philippines in 10 days. The leading candidate was the son of a dictator. After watching the Kingmaker, I can’t imagine people would want to vote for this family again. When I asked my helpers who they will vote for, they all said xxx. I asked why (trying to hide my frustration), they responded smiling: because I like him. Hubby jokes about how democracy is failing. I told him: this is the best evidence of democracy… many knows that’s the wrong leader, yet mass wins and you can’t do anything about it.
  • China COVID situation. My mom is back to lockdown after more than a month of so. The difference to what we experienced in manila is that food supply is disrupted in China. So many families are worried they’ll starve, and super stress out food supply. Fortunately my mom keeps her good spirit and is doing well at home, watching TV, chatting with friends, just rest.

Hope I’ll have more ups to report next post 🙂

One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. I’m very very impressed with the girls’ running and positive attitude about it! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! I feel like many kids (including mine) have a tendency to get really excited about something, go all in for 1-2 days, and then realize it’s actually a lot of effort and stop. So I’m very proud of those girls.


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