“Forced” recovery

I woke up Sunday feeling bleh… my readiness was still in dangerous zone according to my oura ring. It seems that I still had temperature the night before, although I took a Tylenol before bed to ensure a good night of sleep. I went to bed 7pm and woke up 5am. I was expecting a full rest day. But then our running friend asked if the girls would run, our Sunday tradition, I said yes. I asked him to run with the girls as I wasn’t feeling well. Just at last minute, I decided to join the girls, mainly because if I don’t go Lizzy wouldn’t run properly. she just started jogging consistently so I didn’t want my sickness to interrupt it (I know I have a legitimate reason). 20 min after walking, breathing fresh air, chatting with the dad, coaching Lizzy to run to the second trash can (hehe), I felt immensely better before I started. I felt so energetic (not full to old self but good enough) that I suggested the girls to go out for breakfast. After a quick shower for Sofia, we went to the neighborhood popular spot

their eyes were larger than stomach. each ordered a smoothie

and shared two main dishes: waffle with berries and yogurt with granola. Both were delicious according to the girls. We left with full belly, a bit stuffed, and went for a short walk to pick up their kumon worksheet for May.


My appetite was still nowhere to be found so I did 30 min Melissa Wood workout, which I found super easy to my surprise. Either I was almost recovered or I gained strength. Then I meal plan for the week ahead, and plan May in my calendar. I only had breakfast 10:30am, and not even hungry then. That’s sign of not being recovered.

Girls were too full to have lunch so they did homework and only had fruits as snack. Afternoon was spent between piano theory lesson (Sofia) and reading for me and Lizzy. At 3:45pm daddy took them for soccer. After they left, I felt energetic and started baking. I made 3 kinds of cookies for the week

and bread for hubby

I even got hungry by then, which means I was recovering fast. After girls came back, Lizzy went to a friends’ place for movie night, and Sofia had a friend over for movie night as well. I happily returned to my reading, 150 pages in in two days, and this phrase really got me. It has been over 3 years that my dad passed away suddenly. It still feels fresh and each day I reflect how I’ve changed since then.

Girls had a wonderful fun day. I was glad I decided to go out for the walk, which probably accelerated my recovery. Baking and reading also helped me mentally to relax and recharge.

Happy May! I plan to join the OneDayMay challenge in instagram.

One thought on ““Forced” recovery

  1. I like your natural selfie on IG!! 😉 I hate taking selfies though. haha.

    The girls look very excited to be out for a big breakfast! That’s cute. And wow on all the cookies! This made me realize I haven’t made “old fashioned” cookies, like a chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin, etc. type cookie in forever. The last cookies I made were those white powder ball, which are technically a Christmas cookie. And before that, I think actual Christmas cookies were the last ones. I should make some regular cookies soon! Thanks for the reminder. A nice big batch to have on hand, to just have one per day with tea or something, would be nice.


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