Personal thoughts on friendship

I’ve been super busy at work this week, next week is National election day. So much excitement and uncertainty everywhere. This morning I woke up 2am dreaming about work!!! that’s how intense it is.

The other day Sofia was telling me stories from school classmates and mentioned “my friends…”. I asked her who they were? After she said their names, I told her I wasn’t sure you could call them friends. l explain to her there are friends like x, y, z (her friends and my friends), colleagues (people I work with or know from work), classmates (people she meets in school), and people that we know (from anywhere else). Friends are a special group of people that we share some interests, experiences. People that we like to spend time with outside the social context that we get together. People that have feature we like about but not necessarily everything about them. Sometimes, they become friends, but most of the time they don’t. Also we gain new friends and could lose others. We might have friends for certain period of time and then gradually get lost in touch.

These are my personal views and I thought it was important to clarify with her. I notice both Lizzy and Sofia call everybody they know friends, probably that’s how teachers call them. And then those they play often they call BFF. Well, to me, these are strong titles.

Q: What’s your definition of friends?

2 thoughts on “Personal thoughts on friendship

  1. Hmmm. What a great question. I tend to call most people “friends” once I know them well enough to have spent at least some time together (say, going out for coffee together).
    Work people I call acquaintances or “someone I know through work.” Then there are people who ARE friends, but that I label with a descriptor; for example, we have neighbours that are friends, but since the “neighbour” part seems to come first (they were neighbours before they were friends), I would introduce them to someone as “my neighbour.”

    So fascinating. I never thought about this before!


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