A full day by myself

It felt luxury to be in a resort alone, no schedule to follow, no need to talk, just do whatever I feel like. I was a bit anxious that I’d get sad and miserable being alone to feel lonely, but I actually enjoyed it this little escape. I did less than I intended to do, which means time flied by.

I woke up 5am but felt semi-sleepy and didn’t get up until 6am (7am manila time) after sleeping almost 10 hours! A great start of the day.

7-8am: enjoy my mate while catching up on blogs.

I looked at myself at the mirror and realized that my face was a bit puffy, it always happens when I take a flight, long or short, as I don’t drink as much water (to avoid going to toilet), and then when I arrive, I drink tons.

I then went to the gym for a run. I don’t enjoy treadmill much but was feeling good and did 10km. After some stretching, shower, I went to have breakfast almost at 10am. I had Athletic Greens before the run so wasn’t really hungry.

I started with a big plate of fruits and salad, then omelet, and finished with a toast. I found some of my colleagues finishing their breakfast, and had some small chat and finished brunch almost 11:30am

Got back to the room, did my weekly planning, booked girls soccer for June, answered few emails, chatted with the girls and hubby until 1:30pm. Then I read for a while before the hotel called me to transfer to another room as hot water in my room was not working and they couldn’t fix it. I was expecting to get a similar room but to my surprise, they upgraded me to a suit. In the living room, there’s a golf practice mat. How fancy!

the bedroom looks so serene and the upgraded suite comes with many plants and fresh flowers, love it.

and look the bathtub arrangement… with a TV!!!! I sent this to hubby as he loves watching TV in the bathhub.

I did 30 min of workout and stretch a bit more before going to the spa for sauce and steaming room. It was my first time since the pandemic. I rotate between the two rooms and a lounge chair for almost an hour, with sweat coming out from my ears. hahahh…. It did feel relaxing.

I got back to the room and ordered room service as I didn’t feel like meeting anyone for dinner (will have plenty of face time with others for the next 72 hrs!). The menu didn’t look attractive but I knew what I wanted so I asked the hotel: stir- fry vegetables with tofu with no sugar (asian cuisine always add sugar) and rice. It was EXACTLY what I craved.

by 7pm I was in bed already, reading until 8pm and light out. 🙂 That was a good solo time basically doing nothing, which was super recharging.

One thought on “A full day by myself

  1. Sounds peaceful and wonderful!! I haven’t taken a “solo” trip in forever…. This sounds actually really really nice. I sometimes think i should book myself a little couple of nights away where I could even just work during the day, but maybe in some beautiful place where I could also relax and recharge away from it all. 🙂 But we are always so busy with the boys it doesn’t often seem like a really practical idea I guess. Glad you are enjoying!!


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