Mixed feeling

The retreat has concluded after 3 days of intense human interaction. We covered a lot of content, but what I valued the most is human interactions. There are colleagues that I would never get to know if not because we were “forced” to be together. This is especially the case during the meals, when we sit randomly and chat. I got to know some interesting people, and absolutely enjoyed those conversations. This photo captured my talk on politics with my running buddy this week. He’s from Burkina Faso. What are the chances I’d ever chat about politics with someone from that country! I feel very privileged to be working with these diverse group of people, 20 nationalities this week. I got to learn what they do, the challenges they face, their ambitions, and their life. Connection is my takeaway of this trip. It was only on the last day, I got to realize that I missed this more than I thought I would. The feeling of overwhelmed of day 1 turned into longing for more.

Because of the packed schedule, I rarely got to talk to the family. I miss them but at the same time that part of my life feels distant just few days away. In some instances, I feel that I am alone and that the role of wife and mother was in another life. Weird feeling.

After saying goodbye to colleagues, I am now in transit in Singapore. My layover is 14 hrs so I am staying in Crown Plaza hotel that is in the airport. It is my first time staying in a transit hotel and looks so different than a normal hotel room. It is smaller, looks like a big cubicle, but has all the amenities.

The bathroom looks fancy but honesty for 12 hrs transit time, I don’t need to take a bath AND a shower. heheh…

gotta catch my flight and get back my real role of mother, wife, carer 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mixed feeling

  1. So glad you got this chance to get away. I know you were apprehensive, but I do think it’s good to take a break from that constant “mom” role now and then. It sounds like it felt really good to connect with other people, have some stimulating conversations etc. You’ll probably feel rejuvenated now and fresh to soak up time with the girls. 🙂


  2. That looks like a beautiful hotel; safe travels home. Hope it was a restorative experience and time for personal/professional growth, but I’m sure everyone will be thrilled to have you back home!


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