A little catch up

This week has been busier than I expected. 3 out of 4 days I get home from work past 6pm. I get zero reading time and fall asleep before 8:30pm. Good thing is I’m magically sleeping wonderfully since June 1, so sound that my resting heart rates were below 40.

This is last week of school so there are some sadness with the kids and myself. Saying goodbye seems harder this year than previous 4, maybe because we need to say goodbye to the school, the city, our local friends for good in few months (thankfully in few months not few weeks). Some highlights

Found this pic of Sofia during the trail run. She looks so fresh, focused. I am a proud mama looking at the girl she’s became. I vividly remember the day 1 of her life and her transformation. I wouldn’t have expected she become this curious, brave, adventurous, responsible, respectful, and kind girl. I am looking forward to see her continue her growth and support her on the way.

We had an event yesterday and I took this pic to remember my favorite team in the manila office. One of them went through a lot to get pregnant. I am so happy for her. I’ll miss them deeply.

Wednesday night the girls prepared a letter for the teachers. They were both saying how great their teachers are, how much they’ll miss them. I suggested them to write a letter to express their feelings instead of just telling me. They loved the idea and really got into it.

They didn’t consult with me and wrote the letters alone. I hope the teachers can feel their love.

After the last day of school, Lizzy was grumpy. When I got home past 6pm, daddy was grumpy because Lizzy didn’t do any homework and was still grumpy. Instead of joining daddy to be mad at her, I went to her room asking what happened. She said she just wanted to be alone. I sit with her and asked if she was sad that school ended. She started crying forcefully, so sad that she couldn’t stop for a while. I hugged her and told her I am with her, I was sad too (I was, nearly tearing up when I read last emails from the teachers), and that we can visit them again in the future.

Sofia was sad but okay. Lizzy is the one that is shy to express her emotions and feelings but the one that takes relationships very seriously, just like daddy. I am more mindful of her personality and plan to give her extra love and comfort in coming days.

Next two weeks will be summer camp, after that we have no plan. Maybe we’d do a small trip, otherwise we’ll just relax and enjoy our last few months in Manila.

I hope I get back to daily blogging soon. Kind of miss it but can’t find time to do so during the day.

One thought on “A little catch up

  1. Change is so hard; I’m sure there are so many mixed emotions (including excitement for what comes next), but I’m so glad you were able to chat about the sadness of saying goodbye.
    And that running picture is SO sweet. Such concentration on her face – I love it!


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