Feels like summer

School is officially over. Although manila feels like summer all year long, when girls are out of school, it does feel time slows down a bit more. We had a really low key weekend with some fun and a lot of rest.

Friday started with 9 holes golf for Daddy, Sofia and myself. It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed the play. Every time I go to play at the course I want to play more, but wish we could start at 5am. I worked a bit in the afternoon and went home early. Trying to stick to my June goal.

Saturday started with 4 miles run and then slow jog when girls joined me. Then girls went to soccer. I went to two groceries store to stock up our fridge. It feels very satisfying to look at the stock up fridge. We have a local Costco in manila and I love exploring and trying new products. It’s not the same as Trader Joes but good enough.

Lizzy had a birthday party at noon. Sofia did some homework before lunch so she can have a long goodbye playdate with her friends. One of her friend is leaving Manila moving to California for a new international school. I invited the moms over for some refreshment after they went to the pool. We chatted about school, girls, extra curriculum, how to get into prestige school, etc. Let me just say, parenting style is just as personal as dietary preference. I had to keep reminding myself that I should not judge others… everyone is doing their best what they think it’s best for their children. Yet, I disagree of dedicating one’s whole life to “educate” children, organizing our life around kids school. Sounds crazy to me. I love my children just as much but they are not the only thing that matter to me in life. Anyway…. it was an interesting discussion.

Sofia left with her friends for a sleepover. They had a pampering session, pedicure and mask before bed. I heard that they talked with lights out until midnight.

to make the evening special without the sister for Lizzy, we had an ice cream date followed by sleepover with mom. Lizzy told me that Sofia’s friend didn’t want to play with her, that found her annoying chasing them. But Sofia told her friends that Lizzy is her little sister so they need to include her. Lizzy told me in a way that I could feel how special it was for her. I made sure I told the story to Sofia the next day.

I didn’t sleep well Saturday night nor ate proper dinner. I woke up feeling not rested but still went out for my 10 miles run according to my training plan. I was miserable after mile 4. Lesson learned, fuel well the night before and prioritize sleep. I was pretty much out of duty Sunday morning as I felt so exhausted after the run. I took a nap after lunch, when I got up, I made a tres leches cake for Monday’s farewell party. Two colleagues are leaving and I am throwing a farewell party for them.

I spent 2 hrs reading a dark novel, 200 pages in, I can’t wait for it to move on the darkness. I wonder if I should abandon it but then remember maybe there’s a bright side or lesson to be learned so I kept going. Do you ever stick to a sad/dark book just to wait for a twist?

Girls went to soccer at 4pm after a cat nap. Then hubby came back and asked me to take a walk with him. I didn’t feel like going out but would never declined a walk with hubby. 🙂

Girls came back happy and sweaty. I prepared leftover dinner for them. By 7:40pm girls prepared for bed. Cookie was indecisive which room to go so she just stayed in between. So funny.

Wanna share Lizzy’s teacher response to my note to her which describes perfect Lizzy.

My note:

dear Joanne, 

I‘m tearing up as I read this, really first time I feel sad when a school year ended in the last 5 years. I agree with you that we went through a lot collectively and became more resilient and more grateful for our day to day normal life. I’m grateful that you taught both of my girls and they love you so much. Lizzy even asked me if she can marry a girl, if she can, she wants to marry ms. Joanne. And then she said she’ll let you have the baby, she can take care of them. hahha… with this simple chat, I realized how much you’ve touched her deeply. Your kindness, your smile, your way to encourage her while still letting her be her (stubborn and shy girl), has really made a difference in Lizzy’s development. Thank you so much. 

Joanne’s response:

You have no idea how much your words mean to me, and how much I treasure the note that Lizzy passed to me on the last day of school! Lizzy can sometimes appear so tough on the outside, but she is actually so mushy and sensitive on the inside! That girl is really something else- I admire her strong will so much and know it will serve her well in the future. She is an extraordinary child and so incredibly intelligent- I will remember her always. Thanks also to you and Tony for being so kind and supportive over the years- I feel so honored to have taught both of your amazing girls! Please give both Sofia and Lizzy a huge hug from me.

One thought on “Feels like summer

  1. AWWW about the teacher’s note! That’s the best, to hear that other people love your kids as much as you do.

    It sounds like there are lots of emotional times coming up…I bet the girls, at their ages, might struggle a little more with the move this time than the last time. Just being older, more attached to friends ,etc…They will probably have many mixed emotions. But it will all work out!

    Sofia’s sleepover sounded special. I used to love sleepovers at that age so much. It’s awesome to have great girlfriends like that.

    And I LOVE tres leches cake!! When the boys were little, we used to always buy these delicious tres leches cakes from a Mexican bakery nearby for their birthdays.. Haven’t had one in many years now, though. I think we need to make a trip over there to buy one!


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