A sporty weekend

What a packed weekend. As husband put it: this is a nice weekend. I enjoy all our weekends, slow or packed.. but he rarely gives comments, so this is definitely a specially nice weekend for him.

Saturday evening we went to watch China vs. USA female volleyball match. It was girls and hubby’s’ first live match in a stadium. As we arrived, we saw a lot of Chinese fans dressed to cheer up china. As we entered the stadium the music was very loud and cheerful. I didn’t realize there’s DJ for a match. It was SOOOO COOL, like a concert. The DJ would play appropriate music after each play (music stops when teams play) to cheer the teams up. Unfortunately China lost all 3 first sets but we really enjoyed the experience.

Sunday, to celebrate Father’s Day we played 18 holes. He actually arranged it with his friends last week when we didn’t realize it coincided with Father’s Day. When I found out I was a bit mad at him for choosing his friends over his family. He didn’t know obviously but I was mad. Then I thought: well, it’s his day, he should choose how he spends it to make it special. So I let it go. Few days later, he told me one of his friends was not going, if I want to join. Sure… why not? so I joined them. It’s a new course and it was nice to play when you don’t know what’s coming.

It was very sunny when we started (11am). For the first time I felt I was dressed properly, all covered us. hahaha…

he really loves the sport… I could feel how happy when he was playing. The view is gorgeous, that’s probably one of the main reason I decided to join him to play golf, to be outdoor, seeing green and blue nature.

After our short lunch break, thunderstorm started one side of the sky while the other side was still sunny. I saw this rainbow between clouds, soooo special.

What a great way to spend 6 hours of this day… outdoor, doing things together, and playing his favorite sport.

you might wonder what did the girls do? They did homework in the morning and then went to a birthday party. They had fun too and got home later than us. 🙂

I’ll spend my Monday morning to catch up and unwind now. hahahaha…..

One thought on “A sporty weekend

  1. Whoa, that volleyball arena looks so cool!! I was a volleyball player and with that super fun environment, I would have LOVED that!!! I bet the girls had a blast! The golfing looks so nice and fun, too. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby!!


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