My thought before falling asleep

Holding Lizzy’s little hand that is not hot, I felt I was holding the world. Her little squeezes in the dark is her way to tell me she feels safe, she feels loved.

We had a much better day. The antibiotic seems to be working, confirming that it’s bacterial infection and not viral (which is what I was afraid right after the doc prescribed it, whether we are over using antibiotic without a blood test). She woke up still at 39.6 that is 8 hrs after last dose of anti-fever. Then temperature went down to 38.4 45 min after and she was behaving life herself the whole morning. Because she woke up 5am, by 11:30am, she fell asleep on the coach while reading… rest baby rest.

then her temperature went up again, not sure how much but she was hot and a bit red, so gave her another dose at 12:20pm. She was so hot that she missed lunch. Then an hour after she was totally normal and asked for lunch. We spent the afternoon reading and playing with lego.

I did something different… instead of reading my book, I started cleaning up my kindle that had over 200 book samples. I either deleted them because I bought the book already, or the title/topic doesn’t sound interesting to me at the moment, or read the sample and keep those samples of books that I want to read, so I can purchase them when they are on sale.

Then I took 20 min cat nap and Lizzy followed me to her room to continue the reading. She’s really into reading now that she can read simple books. I am so proud of her. With freshly made popcorn as companion.

after hours of reading in kindle, I kind of got used to it, and found it quite convenient because it’s so light and I can lie down anywhere to read without having to think what pose is sustainable.

Her fever didn’t come back until before bed time, but only to 38.4. Just to ensure she and I get a good night of sleep, I gave her paracetamol once more. We all slept soundly and this morning she woke up almost with no fever. YAY!

Just before dinner, I took the girls out for a walk since we’ve been at home all day long. We got some snacks for the short trip Sofia and I will take. Back home for dinner and in bed by 8pm.

Hope Lizzy continues to recover well, and I don’t get sick 🙂

One thought on “My thought before falling asleep

  1. I don’t have a kindle (well, I have an old Kindle Fire but I actually don’t know if I still have a charger for it anywhere!) I like the idea of a kindle because of being able to get any book you want, any time. But I just really prefer holding a real book! I like the idea of highlighting in a kIndle, though. Maybe someday I’ll try one again- or maybe one of the kindles that are supposed to be more like paper?? Not sure if all the different styles these days.


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