Update: fever & passport

Lizzy’s fever was persistently high throughout the day reaching 39.5C just before next dose of anti-fever medicine. At that time, she looks tired/sleepy, otherwise she was fairly normal when fever goes down to 38Cs. After dinner time, her fever was still above 39C after 30 min of Tylenol, so I decided to take her to the ER just to make sure we are not missing anymore.

Going to the ER is always last resort because of the wait time. Fortunately the nurse in the triage area got us in right away and within 5 min the doctors came. She checked her mouse and clearly saw the inflammation with white/yellow pus… exudate tonsillitis was the diagnosis. Antibiotic was prescribed and we went sent home. Hopefully the fever goes down in the next 48 hrs.

This morning she woke up with 39.8 again. Sigh…. that’s 7 hours after last dose of fever medicine. 50 min after another dose, her fever went down to 38.4C.

On the passport application process. we are ready to fly out to Cebu on Sunday. Sofia PCR test came back negative so we are set to go. Finger crossed all goes well.

I am feeling better physically today than yesterday. I felt I was close to get sick too as I felt some chill in the morning and sleepiness. I had AG1 to ensure I am upping my immune system. Finger crossed I remain not sick, just worried and stressed.

One thought on “Update: fever & passport

  1. Poor Lizzy, tonsillitis doesn’t feel good! At least it wasn’t COVID and won’t mess up your upcoming trip for the passport in any way, hopefully. With the antibiotics she’ll probably start feeling better soon! I hope you stay well and can relax after this part is all over soon.


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