Panic and stress

Yesterday I had a good morning. I went to observe girls’ summer camp as it ends this Friday. They both loved that I went to see them. I also submitted the withdrawal form for them. Their last school day in Manila would be October 7. This is becoming REAL. I was soooo emotional afterwards.

Then I was feeling sore and tired, so I booked a massage in the afternoon. Just before starting, I checked work email and saw something that sent me to panic. The HR who’s doing the work visa for us to travel to Jakarta informed me that Sofia needs to renew her passport before we can proceed to step 2. I don’t know why it is needed as it only expires in Feb 2023, so more than 6 months. Yet, that’s the requirement. But why did they tell me just now???? I rushed home and checked if I can get an appt with US consulate to renew. NOTHING until September!!! WTF? now what? Maybe we go to Jakarta US consulate to renew? but then how do we get it back? we can’t stay there for a month. So that’s not an option. Then I found out that there’s another consulate in Cebu, 1 hour flight away from Manila. I checked the schedule, and I found 2 slots available on coming Monday. I immediately booked it. Then few minutes later, I checked again and no more slot until September as Manila. I didn’t receive an email confirmation though, just the appt page that I saved and printed out. Then I booked flight and hotel. So, we’re flying to Cebu this Sunday and finger crossed the appt is real and she gets her passport renewal process started. WHAT A MESS!

On top of that, when I got home Lizzy told me she was feeling dizzy and tired. Not her normal self. She ate dinner very slowly and she was warm. She had fever. đŸ˜¦ I gave her fever meditation and slept with her. At 2:30am I touched her and she was really hot, 39.4C (almost 103). I gave her another doze and went back to sleep. This morning she woke up with 38C and now she seems okay watching Spirit.

I spent the whole morning today printing forms/documentation for the passport renewal. Also booked an antigen test so Sofia can fly.

My mind is not functioning well due to a combination of panic, stress, and not sure if it’s PMS or sickness as well. I hope I endure after Monday appt at the consulate.

FINGER CROSS all goes well.

One thought on “Panic and stress

  1. Oh no!! That is stressful. I remember one time years ago we had a trip to Mexico planned and coming up in a month or so. I was driving into a parking lot and all of I sudden I had this sudden realization that the boys’ passports were expired!!! Somehow I had totally forgotten/ not realized it. So we had to rush and hope we could expedite the process before our trip, and we had to pay a bunch of extra to do it extra fast….I was freaking out! Fortunately it ended up working out, but I always remember that now. Glad you were able to find an appt.


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