We all have those days

Days that started with the right foot but quickly went down hill from there.

My morning started with sweet baby in my arms. I was meditating when she came, stander besides me, then decided to join me and fell asleep again. I left her sleep for like a long time, smelling the sweetness of her skin, touching gently her chubby arms, wondering how long do I have left of these moments? I tried to remember Sofia at this age, whether I still thought she was a baby. My memory got blurred. I realized because she was the sister and Lizzy was the baby, I kind of “missed” the last few years of Sofia’s babyhood. It makes me a bit sad but a good reminder not to miss Lizzy’s for whatever days/months I have left.

Almost 7am, I got the her out for their morning run. Sofia wanted to do tempo 4k and time it so she took off. I jogged with Lizzy, following her pace, and ended up doing 2.5km in totally with 2 small walking breaks in between. She was tired I can tell, I affirmed her she’s getting stronger.

then downhill from there. Girls fight/yelled while having breakfast, interrupting my yoga practice to arbitrate them, which ended up with me yelling at them.

Husband was doing something that I don’t even remember but I was annoyed with him at that moment.

I showered and went to office, knowing that things will get even worse if I stay home. In the office, someone that I like sent me a reminder of a deadline. I was annoyed with him because I NEVER MISS A DEADLINE. But I know it’s me this time. There’s a quote saying: if you go out and find someone that annoys you, he might be the AS. If you go out and everybody annoys you, you are the AS. I know….

It is related to my hormones, reaching to the lowest point. It happens almost every month, I know it but can’t avoid it. So just ride through it.

After I finished work and got home, I was calmer, but only for few minutes because husband forgot to pick up Sofia from piano!!!! WTF!!!

Once she came back, I decided to take Sofia and Lizzy for an errands walk, again to pause and let my emotions go. We bought bananas and crackers. Once home, the roasted chicken was ready and dinner was served.

I had an evening work meeting that was useless and went to bed past 9pm, feeling crappy due to chips that I ate to tide me over the meeting, and feeling of meh after a boring meeting. But the day is over.

3 thoughts on “We all have those days

  1. The deadline reminder annoyance thing is such an upholder response šŸ™‚ I have the same one!!! So I try to be aware of the impulse to be overly annoyed.


  2. We all do indeed have these days! Hope today is better. Funny you mention your annoyance with deadline reminders. Iā€™m a Questioner and I really appreciate it when people give lots of notice on deadlines. Especially now that I manage a team, I also like knowing if any of my team members have missed any or if I need to pay extra attention.


  3. I’m another upholder so would be annoyed by the deadline reminder since I am very good at keeping track of deadlines and have systems in place to do so! The picture of your daughter sleeping on you is so sweet! Those days go by so quickly and before you know it, they don’t sleep on you anywhere. That is the case with our older son. He will sometimes cuddle with me but he’s so wiggly so that does not happen very often!


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