July favorites

Books: It was not a great reading month as we had three trips and I didn’t get to settle down. I did read 3 thought, two about Indonesia (Indonesia Economy in Transition, and Man of Contradiction) which I enjoyed a lot. And an essay reading 101 essays that will change the way you think. Also, good book to read few chapters before bed.

Podcast: We can do hard things, episodes with Elizabeth Gilbert, and when Abby shared her NYC marathon experience. Wonderful talks.

Supplement: I am loving AG1. Main immediate benefit is good digestion, which has been my issue for decades. Together with Seeds, it’s completely resolved!!! I will have my mom try it when we get together as she suffers the same issues.

Workouts: I abandoned Tracy Anderson’s metamorphosis program and focused on runners strength training. My coach told me to take rest day seriously so I only do 20-30 min strength training on my running days. I do 1-2 sessions of abs and arms from Melissa Wood as well. I go to Physical therapy once a week to do pilates type of workout with the trainer. I can really feel working on my weak spots (hips, booty).

Running: I got a coach and I like that he’s responsive to my questions, but not over micro manage each workout. He adjusted my plan toward experienced runner after our chat. He taught me the importance of training the fueling and last week’s long run felt easier than usual. I am excited and confident now that I will be able to get there without major injury and run it at my best.

Travel: we had three trips. Cebu to review Sofia’s passport (solo trip with Sofia), El Nido as a family, and Jakarta with Lizzy. I love traveling with the girls alone, easier to plan for activities, older enough to be independent, and good company.

July goals progress

Early dinners: most of days we managed to start dinner 5:30pm. I like that we don’t need to rush to start bed time routine and enough time to digest.

Waking up meditation 10 min and I am mentally fresh for the day.

Date Fridays. Total fail. hahaha… we just can’t manage to be creative and do something. Yet, we carve our solo times running errands, taking naps, and just chill.

Take more walks with kids or husband. It has been raining most of the days so not much walking.

August goals

Declutter everyday.

Sell/give away things.

Read fiction again.

Eye massager before sleep. I got a devise that does eye massage, warm compression, and soothing music. I need to remember to actually use it.

Go to watch girls soccer more often.

2 thoughts on “July favorites

  1. Sounds like the running coach is a really good fit. I am craving more normalcy and goals and have this lingering urge to work toward a fitness or nutrition goal… I started this spring with the macro tracking challenge/back to gym, and then the summer just got so busy and I honestly just couldn’t keep it up. Now we are going to Mexico in a couple days, so no real point now. Hopefully maybe when we get back, and school starts again, I can regroup. I get tired of always making excuses though that I’m “busy”. I don’t think I will ever not be busy, so I want to figure out what to prioritize and what to maybe let go. Too many things I want to do in my life, and can’t do them all… I end up getting frustrated. Oh well. Anyway, good goals list for august- good luck! I’m sure you’ll accomplish them all.


  2. I worked with a pilates instructors years ago when I was in a boot due to a stress fracture in my foot. I loved the reformer work outs!

    I set a goal of one date/quarter. We have not been out for dinner or a date of any sort since early Mar 2020… Since we haven’t had a babysitter in so long, it’s hard to get one because I know our youngest will really struggle. But we really need to get back into the habit of going on dates! We are going to my parents next week so I think/hope we can go out to dinner one night and my parents can watch the boys.


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