Gratitude list & rainy day

Lately every evening before I go to bed, I feel deep gratitude for an uneventful day, a day that I can go to bed without having anything in my mind to worry about, to be anxious about.

  • Everybody is healthy. no sick kid for the night
  • Nothing urgent at work that I need to deal with the next day
  • No earthquake
  • We have enough food for the next day
  • I get to go to bed early

I know they sound “basic” but really I don’t take them for granted anymore as so many things are out of my control, thus when it happens, it happens.

Thursday morning we went for a 9 hole play, very spontaneously as it was set up 5am that morning. I love to see Sofia playing better than me, effortless beautiful swings. 🙂

Friday was a rainy day, almost the entire day, which is rare. Fortunately I got my 6 miles in before the rain started. Girls also got to run in the morning. Then I went to my physical therapy session in a pilates studio. It felt like a pilates session as we did on the reformer, but I know I was strengthening my weak spot to avoid running injury. Then I had my eye dr check-up. I used steroid to calm the flare up a month ago. It seemed to have increase my eye pressure above the normal range, so doctor gave a drop to decrease it and yesterday was follow up visit. The eye pressure came down from 28 to 23, still above normal cut off of 21, so will have to go back. I guess I’ll have to deal with my dry eyes conditions for the res of my life. Wawaa…. could be worse I know.

Girls were having a playdate after noon so I tried to take a nap but couldn’t but caught Cookie taking hers

Girls had soccer but it was raining so heavily that it was canceled. So we went to do groceries together as a family, which never happens. Having two little helpers was convenient. 🙂

Girls had movie night as their friends so I was alone with hubby. I didn’t feel like reading as I was still sleepy so I started watching Scenes from a marriage. First series/movie watching for months. Quite entertaining, will probably finish it this weekend.

Saturday plan:

  • blog July favorites
  • declutter – I need to start doing it EVERYDAY before our packing day
  • soccer
  • golf
  • finish the series
  • plan my route for tomorrow 15 miles run

3 thoughts on “Gratitude list & rainy day

  1. Well said. The boring days are the ones we should be thankful for. Excitement can be a double-edged sword, and as long as everybody is healthy and the world isn’t ending, it’s a good day!


  2. Great pic of you two! She’s catching up to you in heigh quickly. 😉 How tall are you, by the way? It’s great that she is learning to play golf so well. I wish I had learned as a kid… I have no idea how to play golf. It seems like a great lifelong sport. Maybe one day I’ll take lessons. The boys have golfed a little with my parents, but I would like for them to take actual golf lessons sometime too.


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