Debating with Betty

Betty is my inner voice that brings negative thought, idea from Mo. I had to debate with her quite a lot yesterday after I found out the timeline for our visa to Indonesia that might be delayed longer than I expected.

Before that, I had a great morning that started with a long hug from my forever-baby while we waited for their running mates to meet us at the lobby. It was my rest day so I just walked and cheered them up.

then I had a busy morning attending to a meeting that took 2.5 hrs of drive. By the time we got back to office, had lunch and debriefed, it was almost 2pm. I felt my whole day got “wasted” in one meeting.

Then I went to the dentist to put on two crowns that I am replacing, read a disturbing email from HR, and went down hill. Here’s the conversation I had with “Betty”

B: you’ll miss your October 8 departure date plan because you won’t get the visa on time.

Me: you are not 100% sure, there are still things I can do to give it a try with high chance of success.

B: maybe but the timeline is really really tight. You’ve signed the lease, agreed on packing date, and return your current unit. You’ll be in big trouble if things get delayed.

Me: IF we don’t make it, although Sofia can still enter as tourist and we figure it out later how to convert her visa.

B: really? then she might need to leave alone to get her visa, may need to skip school. What a disaster.

Me: let’s not get ahead of us. Let’s try few things before deciding other choices. The worst that can happen is we waste few days of new rental. If money can solve it, let’s not stress over it.

End of conversation.

Yet, I still got “disturbed” and annoyed by the “news”. I don’t like uncertainty, but I know I am proactive to try the best.

Gotta have my 5 miles run to clear my mind, and then a lot of emails to send to deal with the situation.

3 thoughts on “Debating with Betty

  1. Betty…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love that. Having a hard time writing a serious comment because that made me laugh out loud. Hahahah! Really though, I guess my advice is to just control what you can control and let the rest go!! Easier said than done though, I know.. hoping for the best for you guys and a smooth transition.


  2. I love that you named your internal voice, too. Betty seems so perfect for some reason – the name, not what she is trying to tell you. It is hard to have a lot of things out of your control. But focusing on the fact that money can solve the problem is the way to go in this situation… but relocations are hard! I’ve only done inter-country ones and that was stressful so international would be even worse!


  3. I really need to come up with a name for the voice in my head. It has been screaming at me lately (metaphorically speaking), and I think it really would help to say: Oh, hello there Nancy (Betty, Bob, Gertie…whatever), and help me to dissociate from the inner dialogue.


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