5 on Friday: uplifting

I feel I am on my uplifting mode – up up up!

  1. I went to get groceries for our chinese new year eve dinner and look what I found and got. After seeing Kae’s obsession wit salsa, I had to get them! hahahah…. I am not sure I will have them, probably as dressing of sort.

2. Sofia had swimming practice at 3:30-5pm. There’s a gap of 1.5 hrs at school that requires adult supervision. I volunteered! 🙂 She did her piano theory homework, I read on my kindle. So quiet and relaxing.

3. Sofia was WAY ahead of her teammates, like all the time. I was impressed and proud. I am thinking to make Friday afternoon our bonding time…. hahaha…. I always thought that accompanying kids to sports practice is such a waste of time, now I think I want to be there for them and with them. For one, I get to be with them which encourages them to do more (to perform). For two, I get the reward of seeing them putting the effort to improve. Third, I get to read for so long. Win win combo!!!

4. We watched the chinese dragon show organized by our building.

5. We played with mini fireworks on our balcony. First time for the girls, so much fun!!! I told Sofia that fireworks is like burning money, literally. She said: it’s okay once a year, right?

gotta run, Saturday will be busy and fun!!! 😀

4 thoughts on “5 on Friday: uplifting

  1. My kids have never been into sports (unfortunately) but they are into music, and I do love those times when I have to take them to a special rehearsal and have nothing to do but wait. It’s very relaxing having some forced downtime. I would love to sit and read for 1.5 hours!


  2. Fireworks are so fun. We rarely see them (my kids have never seen a big display), but we did 2 kits at my parent’s home on a lake this summer and it was just a lot of fun!


  3. hahaha, YES for salsa as dressing!! It’s so good!! I have actually tried those same salsas before- they sell them here in the Mexican aisles. For jarred salsa, I think they are decent! But I always prefer homemade salsa verde and we always make our own. I’m not sure if you can get the ingredients fresh there where you are though, or not? I know some places, like in Ireland where my sister is, she literally cannot find raw jalapenos or I think the tomatillos that go into it. Just not foods that people typically eat there, so they don’t import them from Mexico.


  4. It has been years since I have seen fireworks as I am rarely up late enough to watch them on the 4th of July. The shows often start at 10pm since the sun sets so late in early July. And I don’t like staying up past 10 which I know is incredibly lame but I figure when the kids are older and can stay up later, I’ll make a point to see 4th of July fireworks. 🙂

    Accompanying a child to practice that doesn’t involve you doing anything sounds really dreamy! I look forward to a time when Will is old enough to go to the preschool gymnastics class at the place we go to. I think it’s until he’s 3. For now, I do the parent/tot class with him. And it’s fine, but I would much prefer just watching them instead of ushering him through all the activities!


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