Feeling the shift of focus

Since we got back from Bali and transitioned to work, every night the girls would ask me before bed, how was your day? What was the best of your day? First thing comes to mind is what I did at work, and I’d say “busy”. Sofia would ask: was it a good day? I’d say it was okay.

Night after night went like that. I realized that although most of the days I am busy, had quite a meetings, I can’t say it was a productive day.

Over the weekend, we are busy, and no work related thoughts would come to mind. I feel productive yet relaxed.

So being busy doesn’t mean being productive.

At current stage of life, being productive (with life) means doing rewarding/fulfilling things, even they aren’t productive in the traditional way.

The truth is,, my work here is not as fulfilling as it was in the Philippines. And that is totally okay, even better for us. Because looking back, I was too absorbed by work, I had a sense of responsibility as if I don’t do those things, nobody will do. I also felt a lot of emotional responsibility to people that had expectations on me, that trusted me. That means often time when I was with the family, I was thinking about work.

The more I think about it, the more I am glad that my current job doesn’t require too much of my personal time nor mental space, so I can dedicate more to the family, and be there with them when I am physically with them.

Girls are growing so fast. Sofia will be teens soon, and Lizzy is finally graduating from babyhood. I want to be there with these transitions, so I am grateful for having the chance to shift focus to my family now.

You lose something, you gain something, and this new something is what matters for real. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Feeling the shift of focus

  1. Yep, time does seem to go so fast! I can’t believe I have a child starting high school next year. In less than 4 years he will be 18! I can’t even believe it. About your work, remember you are still new to Jakarta. Maybe the work and your role will develop a bit more with time. Do you think your work in Manila was instantly as fulfilling when you first started it, compared to when you left? So maybe you will settle in more and end up feeling the same sense of fulfillment and satisfaction eventually there, too. I am lucky too that my work really generally stays during work hours. Sometimes I think about general issues or things like that in non-working hours, but I don’t typically have anything big looming over me during the weekend.


  2. Being able to separate work and life is a gift! My ability to do that ebbs and flows depending on what is going on. But overall, I have better work/life balance than I did in the past which I am very very grateful for especially now that I have young kids!


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