Happy little surprises of the day

  1. A Philippine client emailed me to great me about Chinese New Year. He didn’t know I left the Philippines already. It was super nice that he took the extra mile to let me know he remembers me and wants to keep in touch despite I don’t work in the Philippines anymore.
  2. Our US house got a new tenant! Our previous tenant stayed for 5 years and left in October. I wasn’t expecting it to be rent it out during winter but apparently we got a new one starting tomorrow. Yay!
  3. One of my team members texted me saying that Sofia’s story (on getting into swim team) inspired him to go for a long swim, first in a long long time.
  4. A colleague whose daughter is Sofia’s closest friend at school texted me about getting together to celebrate Chinese New Year (she’s chinese Canadian). What a wonderful idea! I invited them over at our place for a feast.
  5. Lizzy is holding her babies (stuffed toys) like traditional women, on the sling. Not sure where she got the idea but it was funny to see her going around the house with her “babies” that way.

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