Kids activities (1st and 4th graders)

I meant to record what the girls do here in Jakarta for a while. Note that school is 15 min walking distance to our place, 10 min by car so commuting time is short, a privilege in Jakarta.

They go to school from 7:30am to 2pm.


3-4pm: Sofia online mandarin lesson

2:45-3:45pm: Lizzy swimming lesson at our condo pool

4-pm: Lizzy online mandarin lesson


6am: Sofia 20 min run

2:30-3:30pm Kumon both girls (20 min drive)

4-6pm piano at our place both girls


3:15-4:45pm: Sofia swimming team at school

5:30-6:30pm: Sofia online mandarin lesson


2:10-3pm: Lizzy swimming team at school

2:30-3:30pm: Sofia kumon

3:30-4:30pm: Lizzy kumon

5-6pm: Sofia piano online with her manila teacher


3:30-5pm: Sofia swimming team at school

3-4pm: Lizzy online mandarin


9-10am: Lizzy gymnastic at school

11-12pm: Lizzy golf group lesson

12:30-2pm: Sofia swimming team


7-8am: Sofia run with me

1-2pm: Sofia online piano theory.

Tennis and climbing if we don’t have other activities.

Every day except lesson days, Sofia practices 40 min piano, Lizzy 15-20min, and they do their daily kumon worksheets for reading and math.

We are privileged to be able do many of these activities at home (tennis, swimming, mandarin, piano) to avoid commuting time.

I know, they are pretty busy. Kumon, mandarin, piano, swimming (Sofia) are non-negotiable. Gymnastic, golf, tennis, climbing is optional and can be left out if they feel tired.

How do you organize/prioritize kids activities?

3 thoughts on “Kids activities (1st and 4th graders)

  1. We are not in the heavy activity years yet, but will be pretty limited in what they can do since we just don’t have the capacity to drive them to lots of different things and don’t want to hire a nanny/driver. When Paul started K this fall, he’ll be in aftercare program since school ends at 2:30 but it sounds like there are lots of cool options through that, like Spanish, chess, mathletes, theater, etc. So a lot of their extracurriculars will happen there. Both boys are in gymnastics right now and hopefully by the fall the boys can take swimming lessons together as Will will be old enough to take classes without a parent. We also had Paul do an intro to soccer class that lasted 4 weeks last fall, so we’ll do something like that again this summer or next fall!


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