Don’t let ego get in the way

Sofia asked me about what Ego is as she saw Ryan Hall’s book Ego is the Enemy. I didn’t know how to explain the concept. I told her I’ll think about an example.

Yesterday I wanted to book the cruise trip to visit Komodo Island, with a change of schedule than originally planned as hubby will go to China in March, so we can only go in April. When the agent told me that for April, the trip would be 10% more than what was presented to me last week, I went mad. I started arguing that it didn’t make sense. I begged and threatened to keep the same price as it is expensive to start with. I also went to ask a different company what boats they had available. I also booked the other one, which is not as good as the one I wanted to book, just to show how mad I was. But then, I reminded myself if I wanted The best trip or if I wanted to make a point to the agent about how mad I was. I decided to not let my ego get in the way of having a memorable trip with my family, and I agreed with the price increase.

I am glad I overcame my ego this time and got an example to explain to Sofia what ego is.

2 thoughts on “Don’t let ego get in the way

  1. These situations are so tough – like you, I prefer to find the absolute best deal and sometimes make a decision almost out of “spite.” Great job for recognizing your key goal in all of this ❤


  2. You are definitely way more assertive than I am with these kind of things. I don’t know if it’s my midwest nature or Scandinavian heritage, but I would never be able to ask for a lower price or argue about a price. It makes me squirmy to even think about it! Ha! But it is good to recognize that it’s better to accept a higher price and get what you want versus going w/ a different provider that isn’t as good!


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