Active Sunday & home office look

We had a very active Sunday. We started with a run, I did 10km and then continue 4 miles with Sofia. Then we walked around the Sunday Street food scene, got a drink for Sofia and assorted things for the family for lunch. It was such a lovely way to start the day. Good run and good browsing of local food scene. I love street food!!!

Lizzy had a playdate in the morning while Sofia did her homework, in a very leisure pace. I also took it slow, only had proper breakfast by 10am, did my daily and weekly planning and catching up on blogs. I am doing a streamlining of blog subscriptions too. Why do I need 20 blogs for recipes? I narrowed down to 5. When I felt I was sitting for too long, I tidied up the house and prepared lunch. I then went to my home office, my sanctuary (office), closed the curtains, and watched half of a move. Sofia had a piano theory lesson online, after that we went climbing. My mom took a video of us climbing up at the same time. So cool. We had fun, felt very accomplished, with shaking hands. Climbing is a great upper body workout. I felt so sore afterwards. It was funny that while I was waiting my session to start, I kind of regretted to buy the package for me as I’m not sure I’m that into it anymore. But after the session, in those ocassions that I fell when I couldn’t grab anymore, I found the part that I loved about climbing. Sometimes, I need to let go of holding something that was sure/steady to grab the next piece, with split second of uncertainty in between.

Now…. here’s the final look of my sanctuary. My tailor-made desk originally was supposed to have light wood color. But I didn’t like how it looked so I asked the person to just paint it white. I am happy that I made that decision. Instead of having a desk that I am not 100% happy, better to have the look I want even though husband says it’s waste of the good teak wood. The painting is from Santorini, a place that I DEFINITELY need to go back.

the bookshelf with unread books, photo albums and dictionary that doesn’t fit into the other bookshelf.

Then the reading corner besides the bookshelf with read books. I had to pick out many books that I don’t think I’ll ever read again for donation. This move made me realize I should be mindful when buying physical books! They require a lot of space!!!

The pink chair is reclinable, which I didn’t know when I bought it. Reminds me of Elizabeth’s post about finding new functions of an old furniture/devise.

I love sitting there reading at night with two table lamps on. so cozy! The painting was made by a friend with my ask of sunset of the Philippines.

I feel so spoiled for having a room for myself. I love my husband who I shared the office in Manila. While it served its function, many times I really wanted to be alone, like when I write a blog post. I also would like to decor the room how I like it without having to consider other person’s preference and habits. I enjoy quiet time alone when there are other people in the house, so here I feel I can be alone and peaceful even though there are a lot of noises in the house.

5 thoughts on “Active Sunday & home office look

  1. I love the office space. Especially the reading chair! My office isn’t as big as that, but I still love it so much, too. I LOVE having a little private space where I can retreat to and be alone to do blog posts or read or my journal, etc. Mornings in my office are probably my favorite part of the day. I would love to have a bigger more formal space – mine is actually our laundry room in the basement, but it has built in desks with drawers and I have two cozy lamps and I turn on a flameless candle. It is great. I love the paintings you have in your office, too. So nice.


  2. I love your office space and your desk looks great and so clean and pretty with the pink accents. I also love that shelf! So cute and the texture is gorgeous with the minimalistic lines of your desk. This looks like a great “retreat” and also a nice place to concentrate and work.
    I share a big office with my husband; it’s very nice and functional and bright, but I actually often prefer to work at our dining room table. I can see cars drive by and, on sunny days, the sun shining in through our patio window feels incredible – so warm and cozy.


  3. How cool that you took your kids climbing! I really want to take my kids climbing – I’ve gone a few times and I agree – it’s awesome exercise for body and brain. Our youngest is technically too young for the climbing gym, but last time I was there, I was told that if we book a private session with an instructor, there is no age limit, so I might try that route.
    I love how all the pinks in your room match! I love lots of bright bold colours myself, but there is something very soothing about a simpler colour scheme.


  4. I love your office! Especially all the pops of pink. It’s so beautiful and feminine! I don’t really have an office – I have my desk/computer in the guest room in our basement. Overall it’s fine but since it’s not a dedicated office space, I haven’t put any effort into decorating things! Maybe some day our boys will share a room and I can have an office space, though! But we are years away from that being possible!!


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