Proudest moment

Saturday was swimming team try out, to place the kids to the right level. Sofia was in swimming team in Manila and was among the fast ones. Since we got to Jakarta in the middle of the semester, she couldn’t join the team until she gets assessed in the new semester. To avoid losing her skills, I got her and Lizzy a coach to train once a week. She might practice once more during the week, most of weeks she doesn’t. So I was nervous. Most of her classmates were in Komodo 3 or lower. I was hoping she gets into Komodo 3. The next level is bronze, which requires technique and endurance. I kept forgetting to tell her coach about bronze level requirements to train her that way, so I didn’t hope she gets in.

The coach that assessed her is an old man, super chill and kind. For the try out, the kids perform free style, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly. Depending on their age, they need to do either one lap or double.

It was Sofia’s turn. Right after she jumped in, the coach asked me if she was in swimming team. Then few meters later, he said: oh she’s good. After her butterfly (to me, her best stroke), the coach called up the assistant coach saying: look, Sofia, she’s good. He also told me that he was not as good as Sofia when he was 10 years old. Hahaha…

The coach was very pleased with what he saw, the genuine kind. He seems to get so much pleasure to see kids swimming well.

She got I to bronze team!!! We are beyond thrilled for the surprise!!!

Lizzy also did well, better than we expected. Daddy was worried that she would not even do what she can do in a normal day. Well, he was wrong. She did well. Got into Star 5, just one level before Komodo 1.

Sofía and I went home alone as Lizzy has golf lesson. During our car ride, we were both so happy about the outcome. Sofia said she was imagining she was swimming at the Olympics. Hahaha… she said she was happy as her hard work payoff. She is happy when she’s in the pool, she shared. I asked what about running? I feel good after the run while with swimming I’m happy the whole time, she said.

I couldn’t be more proud of her. This must be one of the most memorable moment of being a parent! ☺️

3 thoughts on “Proudest moment

  1. Aww, that’s awesome! If she is really into swimming, now is the age for her to really get into the competitive side/ training. The girls mature more quickly and we have some CRAZY fast 10-12 year old girls on Asher’s team. Not sure what the teams are like there, but here the better swimmers are practicing 4-5 times a week at least usually by age 10 or so, if not before, and doing lots of swim meet competitions, etc. Most of the kids on his team started on the year round team by age 7-8.


  2. Way to go! And it’s great that she is excelling at something that she enjoys! I wish I liked swimming as it’s such a great form of exercise. But I just don’t enjoy it! It was my least favorite part of the triathlon I did – by far! My husband would swim with me once a week when I was training and he loved it so much he got a membership so he could swim at the lake we went to. I can’t imagine willingly swimming! Ha! It’s probably how a lot of people feel about running!


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