An observation and savory breakfast

I had a casual chat with a female colleague who’s few years younger than me approaching 40s. We started the conversation about the need to get annual checkup, which she seems anxious to do as it might detect something. I’m a big proponent of detect early and act accordingly and follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent. She seems a bit more convinced. Then before she stepped out, she asked me if I know any aesthetic place for Botox. I don’t as I haven’t done it myself. Her last sentence was: I’m more concerned about looking old.

I am afraid of aging too, but more on how aging will affect my life in term of things I can do, and how I feel (energized, not sick, and calm). I love being able to do things with the girls that are physical, most of them require good health and certain fitness level. I am afraid of having to let go of those more than how I look in the mirror.

I am just glad that there’s one thing less I am concerned about.

to switch things up from my beloved baked chocolate oat, I made a savory breakfast, mainly to use the green salsa I got. It’s a vegetable frittata with some chickpea flour mixed in and tons of nutritional yeast.

It was soooo good! I love it with the salsa, very satisfying and filling and has 25g of protein. A great way to start the day! 🙂

What did you have breakfast today? Do you switch up every day or the same thing most of the days? What are you afraid of aging?

6 thoughts on “An observation and savory breakfast

  1. that frittata looks great– i’m always looking for high protein veggie breakfasts that are quick. Did you make up the recipe or find it somewhere?


    1. I basically make it up using the proportion of liquid to flour which is a bit more liquid than chickpea flour. For this one I used 250g of chickpea flour, 2.5 cup of water, 1 cup of almond milk, 3 eggs, maybe 3 cups of vegetables and 1/2 cup of nutrió al yeast. This makes up 6 big servings.


      1. Thanks! I am going to try it– i am also not a huge egg fan, so hoping this will be a great way to eat some without it being ‘egg forward’!


  2. Well, you know I can struggle with breakfast. I just don’t LOVE breakfast foods, really. Currently I have been having some kind of egg scramble with several egg whites, 1 whole egg, spinach or other veggies and sometimes a little cheese and usually topped with salsa. Some foods that I “like” don’t really do that much for me nutritionally alone, like peanut butter toast topped with banana, for example. Since I’m trying to eat more protein, PB banana toast just really doesn’t do it for me. Tastes good, but not super high protein. I still will have pb toast on the side sometimes, but trying to get enough protein in at breakfast is hard for me unless I eat eggs usually. I was thinking about maybe a couple times a week just eating whatever I actually want and then just having a protein shake on the side to get the protein in! I don’t love protein shakes and try to mostly get my protein from natural sources, but I think in moderation they are okay as a supplement.


  3. I am glad I am not very obsessed with aging either… I’m often told I look younger than I am. This can be to my detriment in my industry where it’s dominated by older white men but oh well! But I am very very focused on early detection/prevention. When we got married, my husband had not been getting annual physicals even though it’s covered by his health insurance! So for our wedding, I asked that he get a physical and then for our anniversary, he can get his annual physical. I care more about his health than any physical gift he could have given me! At his physical this year, he had a biopsy and found out he has skin cancer on his nose. I am so glad he’s getting regular physicals so things like this can get detected!!

    So I am super boring when it comes to breakfast. I have oatmeal with a little milk and a cut up banana almost every day. I make a big pot over the weekend and portion it out so I just have to warm up a portion each morning. Our mornings are very very rushed as, ideally, we leave the house at 6:45. So I don’t have time to make any thing. I did take a break from oatmeal recently and had a slice of toast w/ pb on it with a sliced banana and then a hard boiled egg. The breakfast you had looks and sounds delicious, though! Years ago, I had gotten into the habit of making a veggie/egg thing in a muffin pan. But they were so much work so I stopped doing it.


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