Fun with the journals: how I plan to use them

As usual, we started with a run despite not so good sleep. When I picked up Sofia after my 10km, she was sleepy and not motivated for the run, I told her: you’ll feel much better after the run. We listened to music and finished 4miles with last 0.3 miles sprinting. Not surprising, she went faster than me! This girl can run!!!

I spent the morning migrating my lists from my old journal to the new journals, completing the entries I wanted to record in the 5 years journal, marked out school and work holidays, and our confirmed trips. I feel so much more organized now.

The reason I decided to go to a planner set up instead of bullet style journal is that I feel like I have a constant list of things to remember and feel losing them out of my head and in the journals. It’s hard to mark future events and tasks in a bullet journal as it’s not easy to find. To me, the new system will help me to do 3 things:

  1. memory keeping (5 years journal) where I’ll record highlights of the day.
  2. life organization (hobonichi techo cousin) for planning life events; quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning that help to manage life and achieve my goals.
  3. fitness and symptoms tracker (hobonichi weekly): record my workouts and physical symptoms.

Rest of our Sunday was spent watching Chinese New Year show, and full body massage for me.

It was quite a low key relaxing day, yet, I felt accomplished a lot! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fun with the journals: how I plan to use them

  1. All looks great! My ONLY issue with the various planning and tracking and journaling techniques I currently use is that it really can end up taking up quite a lot of time. Individually, everything I do is pretty quick and short. But when you add it all up, it can sometimes be rather a lot. I have a daily journal page in my WOnderland 222 (just a blank page) where I write a recap of the previous day, and then highlight things like my workout, what I read, what I ate, what I accomplished that day, a couple things that made me smile/happy, what I listened to, and what I’m grateful for. Plus I use the habit tracker pages in my planner as well, plus just updating the regular calendar with activities and meetings and appointments.. and for to dos I mostly use Google Tasks (sidebar in Gmail) but will sometimes jot things down in my paper planner, too.


  2. I hope you end up loving your new planner stack! Like Kae, I use the W222. This is my 2nd year in this planner and I’ve been really happy with that. Prior to using it, I used a bullet journal but I was not planning very much since I was in the early years of parenting and wasn’t planning much, especially during the pandemic! But I felt pulled to having more structure to a planner in 2022.


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