January: good start of 2023

It was a great start of a new year, feeling hopeful that we will have a fun year in Indonesia, focusing on family and play. Things that worked well:

I increased my daily meditation from 10 min to 20 min, and every day I was looking forward to it in the morning. Often time the sun rises during that 20 min and I could feel the slow warming room.

I stopped scrolling things on my phone in between things, when anxious or bored thanks to these tricks.

I read 7 books. Gut Bliss (7/10), 13 things mentally strong people do (4/10), Die with zero (10/10), Bone health (5/10), Net Level (8/10), Homegoing (10/10), I guess I haven’t learned that (7/10). I read before bed with the girls, during Sofia’s swimming practice, on car rides.

I ran 20 days with a total 120 miles. I am back with my coach, starting early for the Chicago marathon, starting with a speed segment in Feb to April. Super thrilled!

I did strength training 11 times. I’ve started to enjoy it more as long as it’s not long and with Caroline. She has the best music!

I watched 4 movies: Red Onion (7/10), Pale Blue Eyes (6/10), The Wonder (8/10), and Where the Crowdad Sing (6/10). None excellent but I enjoyed them.

I love our Sunday routine.

I got to plan with the new planners and loving them!!!

I listened music more often, usually when running with Sofia.

We are getting 1:1 time with the girls in a regular basis. When? mornings jogging with them separately! Brilliant!

Things for improvement:

We didn’t try any new restaurants. Mainly because weekends lunch time was either in swim practice, or too short due to piano lesson at 1:30pm. We need to find another possible date/time to try new cuisines.

We didn’t try new recipes. I love cooking/baking but didn’t do much in January because our stove broke, and because I was lazy on weekends.

2 thoughts on “January: good start of 2023

  1. This all looks great! Lots of great forward progress- though it seems like your regular habits are already pretty dialed in… 🙂 Exciting that you’re training with your coach again. I’m sure that’s fun. And wow- 7 books! I’m jealous. haha.


  2. You had really great month! We read the same number of books last month! I know you were looking to read more books – and you did it!! Well done!! January was a good month for me, too. I’m enjoying taking my daily walk to hit at least 23 minutes outside/day. This is the time of year when that is hardest to achieve since it’s so cold! But I had some really nice winter walks!


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