I want to be easily delighted

Quotes from this book that really speaks to me:

One of my goals is to be a person who is easily delighted, who can find great cause for celebration in a fig or a familiar face. If you need fireworks and perfection in order to crack a smile, you’re going to be disappointed over and over when life fails to be spectacular on command. I want to live with an extremely low bar for delight. It takes almost nothing at all- a good song, a ripe piece of fruit, a perfectly packed tote.

Things that I am delighted today:

  • seeing Cookie being Sofia’s company when she’s practicing mandarin charaters.
  • the first bite of a newly open peeled pomelo (yes, in Asia they sell it peeled)
  • when I lie down at 5:30am on the blanket where I meditate, the comfort it gives me of what is about to happen (magic!)
  • getting message from an old friend telling me about his new adventures (he left our organization last year to pursue his project, a wild move!)
  • seeing someone who’s older than me but training so hard for her 50km trail run this month.

these little moments of my day made it a delightful day.

3 thoughts on “I want to be easily delighted

  1. I think aiming to be easily delighted is a good way to approach life. We like to travel with my parents because this is exactly how they are. They are so easy to please and never complain. Every meal is good, they love the accommodations we choose, they are just happy to be invited along and love getting extra time with our kids. It doesn’t take much to make me happy either most of the time! My weekly latte from a coffee shop is so delightful, although I have been getting them more often lately because it’s terribly cold here and I need extra warmth!


  2. I think I’m generally very easily delighted!! I mean, I can still complain about certain things in day to day life, but when we are out somewhere, or traveling, I think I am usually very easy to please. I tend to find things to be good and I’m not one to gripe and complain or argue if everything doesn’t go just my way. I also am someone who is easily delighted by my surroundings, like a pretty sunset, or a flower I’m walking by, or a cute dog in the park, etc. I try to verbalize these things out loud to the boys, too, and sometimes they roll their eyes at me, but I always respond something like, “Hey! It’s better to find all the little things to be great than not even notice them.”


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