The downside of being the main parent

Good news! Lizzy is back to morning jog!!! She agreed to start jogging with me 2-3 times a week. I woke her up 5:50am, quite early. She didn’t complain as I gave her tons of kisses to slowly wake her up. We started slow, mainly to get out and breath fresh air. We might have jogged 3-4 min twice with walk in between for a total 20 min. We bumped into her school teacher and that was GREAT to give extra motivation to exercise in the morning. She was quite proud of telling her teacher that we were jogging.

I am the main parent for the girls. They rely on me for everything, and only listen to me when it comes to homework. I am in general fine although a bit puzzled why they listen to me sometimes.

Then something happened. Sofia was sitting with grandma, and then grandma talked to me:” can you tell the girls that they need to shower before dinner so they don’t go to bed with wet hair?”.

I was quite annoyed and said: she’s right in front of you. Why don’t you tell her directly?

“Because they don’t listen to me.” Grandma said.

It caught my attention because it’s not the first time I heard the phrase, often time from daddy. I always thought that the girls didn’t listen to daddy sometimes because daddy was not as caring as I am. But grandma is probably more caring than I am. Yet, the girls don’t listen to her.

I wish I could say I’m proud to be the only parent they listen to. At least at that moment, I felt a heavy weight on me. I felt that if anything happens to the girls, I’d be the sole responsible parent. I know this is not true, but it really felt that way when my mom said that.

I thought about asking the girls why they only listen to do. I don’t hit them; I do yell at them sometimes (so is daddy). I guess the girls wouldn’t know the answer either.

To end the story, I told the girls to go to shower before dinner, and they did. Sigh…

One thought on “The downside of being the main parent

  1. I am mostly the primary parent in our house but it ebbs and flows. Right now, Will much prefers daddy and can be quite rude to me at times… but he’s 2 so I just brush it off. Paul made a comment about wanting to do a lego set with me because he loved me the most… I felt bad that he said that but Phil is not at all sensitive so it didn’t bother him and he knows it’s just a stage. I’m the cuddlier parent so I can see why I’m preferred by Paul but I think it will change when they are older and can see that daddy is much more cool and more athletic than me so he’ll be much better at helping with their athletic pursuits! I don’t mind that Will prefers Phil right now because it is hard to be the favored parent all the time… Phil always knew that so never minded not being the favorite. Now he’s getting a taste of what I’ve experienced for the last 4+ years!


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